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Tower Troops are troops that defend the Crown Towers. You can choose the Tower Troop before going into battle (like a 9th card in your deck). Just like troop, spell and building cards, Tower Troop cards have rarities, and can be upgraded to a maximum level of 15, however it will be capped to your King tower level (for example if your king tower is level 11, your tower troop will be lowered to level 11, even if its level 15), even if it's under the starting level. You get Tower Troop cards through the Tower Troop Chest, Season Shop or offers from the Shop. When coming to a new King Level, you will get enough cards and gold to upgrade your Tower Princess.

General information[]

  • Crown Towers are classified as buildings, and because of this, they will be directly targeted by troops like Giants, Hog Riders, Golems, and Wall Breakers.
  • Each player has a pair of 3×3 size Crown Towers on their respective side of the Arena, one on the left and one on the right of the King's Tower.
  • Destroying an opposing Crown Tower awards a player a Crown and grants the player additional territory across the river (commonly called a “pocket”) where cards can be cast upon (the Royal Recruits card needs both Crown Towers to be destroyed to be deployed in the pocket)
  • There are certain cards that will deal reduced damage to Crown Towers. More specifically:
  • The Tower Troops attack speed can be temporarily increased by a Rage spell like all other active buildings, tower troops, and troops.




List of Tower Troops[]


Tower Princess


The King decides to guard his secondary towers with his classic trusted daughter, because family always comes first. High health and quick lowish damage is always nice as a secondary means of defense.

Baby Goblins


The Baby Goblins have come to the arena with the almighty Goblin Queen! While their stats may be the same as the average Tower Princess and King Tower combo, the Goblin Queen’s ability, given by the Baby Goblins, shows their superiority against the King and his daughters. After spending 20 Elixir on cards relating to Goblins, the next Goblin card will cause the Goblin Queen to shoot her brood of 8 Baby Goblins across the arena, ready to attack the opponent with a slew of stabs! Best keep the Baby Goblins away from splash damage or they’ll be quickly dispatched.




Ka-BOOM-uh! The Cannoneer is a tower troop that deals alot more damage but at a lower hit rate. This makes him great against low health, low count units and tanks, but a little suspectible to swarms.


Dagger Duchess


This fiery royal isn't one for dainty lobs. She pelts enemies with quick, stinging daggers, building up to a ferocious finale. She charges up a "dagger bar" over time. Once charged, she depletes the dagger bar, unleashing a sharp flurry of all her blades at a single target, dealing devastating damage. She's great against swarms and chipping away at tanks, but can be baited and struggles against single-target heavyweights.

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