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Spells are cards that can be placed on the battlefield. Spells will deploy immediately on the battlefield and can have various temporary effects. These effects can vary from dealing damage immediately, to spawning troops, to applying certain effects to troops. Unlike troops and buildings, they can be placed on top of buildings, including Crown Towers, and all spells can be placed on the river, with the exception of the Goblin Barrel. Most spells can be placed on both player's sides, with a few exceptions. Spells that can reach Crown Towers will do reduced damage to them.


  • Generally, spells should be cast next to as many units as possible to maximize their effect, whether that is damage in enemy units, or a boost on friendly units.
  • Spells that require to travel to reach their target tile are launched from the King's Tower. This means that placing them closer to the King's Tower will result in them arriving at their destination quicker. This is important in situations like when both players are racing to finish off each other's Princess Towers.
  • Spells synergize well with each other, due to their nature as quick damage dealers and their general lack of placement restrictions. One spell can weaken a unit enough for the second spell to finish it off.
  • While offensive spells can deal damage to Crown Towers, it is generally a bad idea to use spells on them, as they have low damage compared to the hitpoints of the Crown Towers. The King's Tower will also activate, allowing himself to attack incoming troops, which further discourages players from using spells on him.
    • However, if the Crown Tower is frail enough that a spell can finish it off, it is acceptable to use a spell on it, especially during Overtime.
  • If the player anticipates their opponent using units that can be defeated by the spells, the player can place their spell earlier so that when it arrives, it defeats them without their attacking unit being harmed. This is refered to as a "prediction" spell and is an effective way for their attacking unit to deal damage on offense.








  • Starting from 27/3/2023, new temporary spell cards appear in Special Challenges.


  • On 11/3/2024, spell cards were allowed to evolve, improving their stats and giving them new abilities.

List of Spells




Blot out the sky with a 3 Elixir rain of Arrows. Its moderate damage and very large radius makes clearing swarms and weak enemies a breeze, but is lackluster against higher health units like the Knight.



2 Elixir, instant effect and stuns. What's not to like? The Zap is often the lifeline against swarms, with immediate low damage that can cripple or destroy small troops. Force enemies to re-target, reset attacks or use that slight extra damage to finish things off. For 2 cycles if the Evolution is activated, it will strike a total of 3 times. Each time dealing damage (killing cards like Firecracker and Minion Horde), stuns (sorry troops and buildings with charge attacks) and increases it radius (become almost as big as Poison, at the end)

Giant Snowball


Is a push too hot to handle? A giant, 2 Elixir Snowball will make them slow down for 2 seconds and chill out. As a side note, squishier troops tend to go splat while all but the heaviest of troops get knocked back. The Giant Snowball excels as a cheap, versatile disrupter.

Royal Delivery


I'm sorry, did anyone order pure defensive destruction? Purchase this package for the low low price of 3 Elixir and it will be delivered with a slight delay, dropping from the sky, taking out air and ground swarms alike within its radius. Once it hits the ground, a Royal Recruit pops out to finish off the rest. It is perfect for defense, however not for offense, as it can't be placed on the opponent's side! You know what they say, 3 seconds or it's free!




Aaaanndd… Fireball! A fiery rock pummels the Arena and anything else in its small radius dealing significant damage to all enemy troops and buildings, air or ground, for 4 Elixir. It can even knock back some ground troops! It easily destroys low hitpoint troops and cripples medium hitpoint units.



For a hefty 6 Elixir you can destroy a push, a building, or... your Elixir. The ridiculously high damage comes with a ridiculously small area of effect and a long delay, so be sure not to miss. Recommended targets include support troops, expensive buildings, and Crown Towers — bingo if you hit all three!



Rocking the ground for 3 Elixir, this spell is perfect for clearing small swarms, slowing units down, and doing even BIGGER damage to buildings! Even if there are no buildings in the opponent's deck, this spell can still deal decent damage to towers. However, it doesn't damage flying units (it is an EARTHquake, after all).


Goblin Barrel


3 Goblins for 3 Elixir that can be spawned anywhere in the Arena — perfect for a surprise attack! If left ignored, it can deal heavy damage to towers for an unparalleled low cost, but these Goblins are easily countered by swarms or spells and are relatively slow to begin attacking. For 2 Cycles, if its Evolution is activated, it will spawn 2 identical Goblin Barrels. One has 3 Goblins while the other has 3... DECOYS! GULP! These decoys dish the same amount of damage, but are super fragile. Together (if used correctly) they can bait out spells and/or get massive damage on one/both sides, but are still very weak to the same counters as the normal Goblin Barrel.



For 6 Elixir, Lightning strikes the three units with the highest hitpoints in a large area, either crippling or completely annihilating them. As a bonus, there's an extra half-second stun at the end! It's great when taking out support units in a huge push, but is utterly worthless against small units and swarms.



Freeze! This 4 Elixir spell incapacitates and slightly damages troops and buildings for 4 seconds. It can catch players off guard, helps your troops win combat unscathed, and can often clutch a victory. Or use it as a last second defense by freezing enemy troops that is just about to reach your tower. But it can cause your opponent to create a bigger push to crush you.

Barbarian Barrel


An angry Barbarian in a barrel rolls a moderate distance, dealing moderate damage to troops and buildings, then breaks open and goes to town with his sword. Despite falling short of reaching the Crown Towers, for 2 Elixir this card can protect, attack, and distract all at the same time.



A 4 Elixir area-denial spell that maintains a powerful presence. It is capable of disrupting defenses, crippling pushes, and preventing supports being played by destroying any swarms and many glass cannons that pass through an area in a matter of seconds – but only if they stay inside it! Speaking of staying inside, in its ring of toxicity, troops walk slightly slower, aggravating the hurt put on them.



Pump up your troops with a 2 Elixir boost! Increases the attack speed and movement speed of all units in its large effective radius, greatly multiplying their strength and creating savage beasts that can take out towers in seconds. Also deals some damage! However, when used in the wrong place or time, it can just be a waste of Elixir.



The Clone is an incredibly volatile spell that clones every troop within its radius. For only 3 Elixir, it doubles the damage and can overwhelm opponents as Clones still retain the abilities of their normal counterparts. Despite this, each cloned troop only has 1 hitpoint, so beware of area damage! Clone can affect Champions, but only the original will use its ability. Also, it doesn't affect buildings (except the Cannon Cart) nor Skeletons summoned by the almighty Skeleton King.



Get over here, enemy troops, so this Rocket can hit you all! This windy Tornado pulls any troops in its large effective radius, quickly grouping them all up in an instant (perfect for any incoming splash damage) while also slightly damaging them for only 3 Elixir! When used correctly, this spell can be invaluable. Also useful for dragging that pesky Hog Rider to activate your King Tower.



This Mirror's magic allows one to replay the last card deployed for +1 Elixir, but with one more level than the respective level of the Mirror. It can be used to double up attacks for high reward, but results in a huge Elixir disadvantage if not used well. Mirror will not appear in your starting cards, and cannot mirror Champions.



Stare at the void, and the void stares back. For 3 Elixir, this black magic spell encroaches a black hole in the arena, that deals damage to troops inside of its 3 evil strikes, dealing more damage the less troops there are inside of it. Crippling single units, but worse against 2-4 or even 5+ units.

Goblin Curse


Can you smell what the Goblin is cooking? No? Because for 2 Elixir, this spell deals very low damage in its duration, but makes it up this by turning defeated troops in its cursed ring into Goblins and making enemies receive 20% more damage from all sources! Talk about high versatility; it’s not just effective against swarms, but tanks alike!


The Log


It rolls. It crushes. It knocks back. It's none other than The Log. In a glorious entrance accompanied by a holy choir chanting "LOG!", a spiked log rolls across the Arena floor, dealing moderate damage and knocking back every enemy ground unit in its path for just 2 Elixir! Recommended targets include the Princess, low health support troops, charging ponies, and every ground swarm. But it can't hit air units, so don't throw it on a Minion Horde!



This portable 5 Elixir ritual starts a swarmy skeleton party anywhere in the Arena! With its timed release of an entire Skeleton Army, the Graveyard can easily overrun towers if not countered with small units or area damage, and can also act as a last-second distraction late in the game.

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