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Mini P.E.K.K.A.


The classic glass cannon — a mighty punch packed within a moderate health, for a cost of 4 Elixir. He's a fast single-targeting troop who can delete the majority of support troops or devastate tanks and towers alike with only a few strikes, but is weak against swarms.



A consistent 4 Elixir single-target shot attacking both air and ground with fairly average stats — she is a reliable support or defense unit with enough damage to take out small tanks but enough speed to quickly handle small swarms.



The "original tank", the Giant is a 5 Elixir meat shield with high health and moderate melee damage. He ignores all enemy troops and slowly makes his way towards buildings, soaking up damage to protect any troops behind him. Once he gets there, he’ll start breaking it!



A 4 Elixir powerhouse with high health. She swings into a 360º attack to take out swarms and support troops alike and is a strong mini-tank. Despite this, she can't reach air troops and her slow movement speed leaves her susceptible to ranged attacks. For 2 Cycles, if her Evolution is active, every time she attacks, she summons a mini Tornado, pulling both ground and air units. Good for pulling building targetable troops away from the Crown Towers.

Mega Minion


A 3 Elixir flying armored minion with below-average health and high damage. Think of it as a glass cannon, but in the air where the glass can't be easily broken! Has slightly less damage than three Minions combined, but its moderate-high health which gives it high resistance to attacks makes it a strong force against towers and medium-health units. Its only weakness? Swarms, ranged units, and cupcakes.

Battle Ram


A fast but fragile 4 Elixir surprise to smash into buildings and disrupt the defense. Once it gets charging, it must be taken out before it rams into a tower, or the target will take double damage! Two Barbarians also pop out after the ram is destroyed or crashed, making this card is reliable for both defense and offense. For 2 cycles if the Evolution is activated, it will add a nice Ram head to its ram. This will not only deal damage and pushback small to medium units in its path to the side, but also bounce off its target until it’s destroyed! As a bonus, the Barbarians are also evolved, for more rage-filled madness! Stuns and knock back are still good enough to stop it before it goes on a RAMpage right to your buildings.



For 5 Elixir he blasts foes on the ground and in the air with heavy-hitting fireballs that deal splash damage. He only has moderate health so protect him to maximize his damage potential. The Wizard excels against groups of enemies, but not so much against tanks, and poetically a Fireball. For 1 cycle, if his Evolution is active, the Wizard comes up studious of the arcane art of a spell shield, that when explodes will blow you away, dealing damage and knocking back foes!

Flying Machine


A 4 Elixir flying card with moderately-low hitpoints. Its long range and moderate damage allow it to attack from afar, often out-ranging its target, making it a great support card. Although it is quite frail, it can easily deal with minor swarms and can rack up damage when left ignored.

Hog Rider


A reliable card against towers. Zoom past troops with his moderate-high health and blazing fast speed and landing a hit or two on towers — for 4 Elixir. Also, his hog will jump over the river! However, good building placements easily draw him away, and he is seriously helpless against swarms.

Royal Hogs


For 5 Elixir, you get four moderate health, low damage troops that rush the enemy tower, jumping over rivers if they have to. Be warned, their speed and numbers make them difficult to stop, although area damaging units or spells can take them out easily. Despite everything, one question still get left unanswered... who let the hogs out?

Three Musketeers


Three independent, very powerful markswomen with high damage, moderate hitpoints and long range. They can stop almost anything with their powerful guns, from solo tanks to moderate swarms. But watch out: they're very expensive at 9 Elixir and really vulnerable to spells!

Battle Healer


The Battle Healer has relatively high hitpoints and medium damage for her 4 Elixir cost. Whenever she hits something, she heals herself and all troops around herself. When not attacking for five seconds, she begins healing herself. Even though she has wings, she cannot attack air units (she can hover like them though). Although her damage and healing effect may initially seem weak, she can quickly heal up support troops out of range of a lethal attack, making her very effective at snowballing the opponent.

Ice Golem


A cheap yet versatile mini-tank, the Ice Golem provides a wide range of uses for only 2 Elixir. It's slow enough for a non-committal opening in the back, useful for kiting & distracting, flexible in a push, and deals slowing death damage that can destroy low-health enemy units.

Dart Goblin


A 3 Elixir card with a fast fire rate, long range, and high speed, making him a great unit for sniping buildings on enemy territory or rush attacks. Despite this, he does have very low hitpoints so be sure to protect him from moderate damage troops, which can defeat him in a few shots.



If it moves, then it won’t for much longer. This 4 Elixir trio of menaces will stun a target until it is destroyed, making them exceptionally effective on defense or as support. However, be sure to protect them against swarms and splash damage due to their slow hit speed and moderately-low hitpoints.

Heal Spirit


This little guy runs, jumps, and splashes just like his Spirit siblings, all for the same 1 Elixir cost. The difference? When he jumps onto your opponent's troops or buildings, he'll deal damage to them while healing your troops that are around him. However, he's weaker than his siblings when he doesn't have anything to heal.

Elixir Golem


A hefty mound of Elixir, dividing into two Elixir Golemites with half its stats that, in turn, divide into two sentient Elixir Blobs with half of their stats each, the Elixir Golem provides formidable tanking and damaging ability for the very low price of 3 Elixir. Do be warned - when your opponent manages to divide it into its lesser stages, they get 1 Elixir from the Golem and 0.5 Elixir per Golemite/Blob destroyed - be careful with the 4 Elixir this card gives your opponent!

Goblin Demolisher


For 4 Elixir, this Goblin is packed with explosions and dynamite, throwing them from 5 tiles away! However when he's at half health, he keeps his priorities STRAIGHT, rushing through the nearest building quickly. Once he falls to his demise, he goes out with a BANG; literally! His death explosion gives out high damage and pushback to every enemy in its large radius. Someone stop this maniac!




Aaaanndd… Fireball! A fiery rock pummels the Arena and anything else in its small radius dealing significant damage to all enemy troops and buildings, air or ground, for 4 Elixir. It can even knock back some ground troops! It easily destroys low hitpoint troops and cripples medium hitpoint units.



For a hefty 6 Elixir you can destroy a push, a building, or... your Elixir. The ridiculously high damage comes with a ridiculously small area of effect and a long delay, so be sure not to miss. Recommended targets include support troops, expensive buildings, and Crown Towers — bingo if you hit all three!



Rocking the ground for 3 Elixir, this spell is perfect for clearing small swarms, slowing units down, and doing even BIGGER damage to buildings! Even if there are no buildings in the opponent's deck, this spell can still deal decent damage to towers. However, it doesn't damage flying units (it is an EARTHquake, after all).


Goblin Cage


For 4 Elixir, you can drop a building containing a Goblin Brawler on the arena, pulling Hogs and Golems alike. That cage won't hold for long though, as after a little while if it's not broken, the Goblin Brawler inside does the job himself! When released, he gets his revenge for being captured on every enemy in his sight, dishing out impressive damage while having moderate health!

Goblin Hut


Here come the Spear Goblins! Every 11.5 seconds 3 Spear Goblins will spawn and chip some damage off the enemy's towers in this 5 Elixir tribal-looking building, creating a passive Elixir advantage all the while. And just when you think they'll stop coming, another Spear Goblin pops out upon the hut's death! They can easily build up behind a tank to cause even more damage to towers, but are still weak to splash damage.



A cheap spawner with moderate hitpoints at the cost of only 3 Elixir that spawns two Skeletons every few seconds. When destroyed, 4 more spooky scary Skeletons pop up to avenge the destroyer. The spawned Skeletons and the avenging ones can easily distract and take out single-target units, making this building very versatile.

Bomb Tower


Bombs away! This ground-only building throws bombs dealing moderate splash damage at a decent rate, making it perfect against swarms. Combined with its medium hitpoints, its cost of 4 Elixir, and Death Damage, this building is one of the most effective against ground units in the game. It attacks quite slowly for its damage though, so tankier units will only take a few scratches from the explosives.

Inferno Tower


Things get really hot with this building. For 5 Elixir, this incinerator will roast even massive tanks and powerful support units in an instant for a neutral, if not, positive elixir trade. However, beware of swarms and the power of electrickery, as this building will be overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Barbarian Hut


This crude but high-hitpoint barracks spawns a trio of Barbarians every 15 seconds, who deal quite a bit of damage when ignored. These Barbarians can be valuable as support, granting a significant Elixir advantage. And like the Furnace, only one unit spawns after the building's destruction. However, the hut is expensive (6 Elixir) and the Barbarians can be easily taken out if handled correctly.



Where do these Fire Spirits come from? This 4 Elixir magic oven has moderate health and the ability to spawn waves of Fire Spirits, efficiently countering swarms and other troops while putting the opponent under pressure offensively. As icing on the cake, this destructive stove also cooks up one fiery little Fire Spirit when the whole stove melts. However, beware of spells and splash damage, as they will put out the ongoing fire!

Elixir Collector


You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir! For 6 Elixir, this passive building has moderate health along with the ability to produce bonus Elixir. This will make large pushes much easier to play, although this building comes with significant risk due to its vulnerability to spells and high cost. Elixir Collector will not appear in your starting cards.

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