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Wall Breakers


Hailing from CoC, it’s not the Bomber, it’s the Wall Breakers! For 2 Elixir, the daring duo runs straight for the nearest building and causes damage with their barrels of gunpowder, which explode on impact with a tower. Reacting just a second too slow often means giving the user both the damage advantage and Elixir advantage, though spells can make quick work of them.



With very high damage and good hitpoints for 5 Elixir, the Prince is powerful on offense or defense. His charge ability gives him extra speed and allows him to deal double damage to a target when he crashes, allowing him to devastate targets or speed up slow units. However, his slow attack speed means swarms in particular make it difficult for him to break through.

Baby Dragon


A 4 Elixir troop with moderately high hitpoints and fast movement speed that deals low splash damage making it effective as a support troop, killing swarms while chipping at ground troops and towers. It's also a decent mini-tank, but weak against high damage units and is easily distracted.

Skeleton Army


Fifteen skeletons for just 3 Elixir — this massive swarm can overwhelm single-target enemy units in the blink of an eye! However, with their very low hitpoints, they can be easily taken out by area damage or even several ranged units, so they’re best used on defense with caution.



For 4 Elixir, this mustachioed man with a double-gun has moderate health and can shoot a wave of bullets. This shotgun blast has a unique degree of versatility. Up close, he busts tanks. From afar, shred swarms - ground and air! Be careful, though - if he's too far away from a tank or too close to a swarm, he's a lost cause.

Giant Skeleton


This oversized skeleton costs 6 Elixir, gets distracted by everything, and deals relatively low damage per punch. These weaknesses are made up for with his bomb that deals extremely high damage three seconds after his death, obliterating all in its radius. Try and bait the opponent into overcommitting on their defense against it to reap massive positive Elixir trades!



While her health and splash damage appear mediocre for 5 Elixir, she summons 4 Skeletons every 7 seconds to help distract & destroy, making her useful for defense and support. However, she does take a short while to begin summoning them, and she’s especially weak against other splash-damage dealers which easily crush her Skeletons and shrug off her destructo beams, leaving her defenseless.



Not only are his massive hitpoints the highest of any unit, he deals great damage and only targets buildings. Upon death, he explodes, splitting into 2 Golemites (much weaker tanks) while dealing instant death damage to everything near him. Although he costs a hefty 8 Elixir, the Golem is a phenomenal tank.



This mighty robot has extremely high damage and hitpoints but is very slow and easy to distract with swarms, often requiring splash support. For 7 Elixir and her very high stats, she’s very reliable for defense & tanking, and can devastate towers — if she get there.



Having decent hitpoints and extremely high damage per strike, while only targeting buildings, the Balloon makes for a heavy threat on offense. Although it isn’t fast, one strike could potentially mean defeat. For 5 Elixir, it brings death from above and can even blow up smaller support troops with its death damage.

Dark Prince


For 4 Elixir, he has moderately high hitpoints, plus a shield to absorb any hit. When attacking, he has an ordinary melee splash that hits in front, and like his cousin, a charge attack that hits everything around him 360-degree with double damage. He is flexible for both defense and counter-attacks, but is vulnerable to high damage.



Surround enemies with this armored pile of bones — 3 Elixir guards with shields that make them incredibly resistant to spells! The worst a Rocket can do is knock their shields off, making them a useful choice for defending most ground troops. Only their low damage holds them back. Their spears are longer than most other melees, by the way.



This menacing ogre with high hitpoints throws boulders that go through ground units! For 5 Elixir, he can crush and knock back glass cannons, like a Fireball, and can survive even a Rocket. Despite all this, he does have quite a slow attack rate, so he must be supported well.

Goblin Giant


Not all Goblins are weak! Costing 6 Elixir, this giant packs good hitpoints and a decent punch as he walks straight to the tower. And he doesn't come alone: two Spear Goblins are on his back as an untouchable support, and after his demise, his spear-throwing friends will keep fighting.

Electro Giant


Don't get too close! This shocking version of the Giant zaps back anything nearby that attacks him, making swarms and fast attackers disappear in a matter of seconds. Although his movement speed is fairly slow, he is still capable of destroying a Princess Tower all by himself! However, he has a high 8 Elixir cost and slightly worser health than the 5 Elixir Giant, so players must wait for the perfect opportunity to electrify their opponent.

Cannon Cart


This upgraded Cannon now moves and has a whole other set of hitpoints in the form of a shield! It's no snail either, being able to sneakily lock onto a Princess Tower in the blink of an eye and deal surprising amounts of damage. Once its cart has been destroyed, the Cannon stays intact for half a minute to deter any incoming attacks. However, it's weak to swarms and has a heftier 5 Elixir cost.

Electro Dragon


How shocking! This dragon attacks slowly and does low damage per hit for 5 Elixir, but there's more. His attacks will chain on to two secondary targets, gaining value with each unit hit. As if that wasn't enough, he stuns on hit, making him a powerful disruptor. However, alone, he's weak to tanks, glass cannons, and large swarms alike. Take caution.



For 5 Elixir, he provides insane value with moderately high hitpoints and a boomerang axe that damages everything, even air units, in its path for 8 tiles — twice! He can obliterate tightly packed units and deal decent damage, but can still be surrounded due to his slow attack rate.


Goblin Barrel


3 Goblins for 3 Elixir that can be spawned anywhere in the Arena — perfect for a surprise attack! If left ignored, it can deal heavy damage to towers for an unparalleled low cost, but these Goblins are easily countered by swarms or spells and are relatively slow to begin attacking.

Barbarian Barrel


An angry Barbarian in a barrel rolls a moderate distance, dealing moderate damage to troops and buildings, then breaks open and goes to town with his sword. Despite falling short of reaching the Crown Towers, for 2 Elixir this card can protect, attack, and distract all at the same time.



For 6 Elixir, Lightning strikes the three units with the highest hitpoints in a large area, either crippling or completely annihilating them. As a bonus, there's an extra half-second stun at the end! It's great when taking out support units in a huge push, but is utterly worthless against small units and swarms.



A 4 Elixir area-denial spell that maintains a powerful presence. It is capable of disrupting defenses, crippling pushes, and preventing supports being played by destroying any swarms and many glass cannons that pass through an area in a matter of seconds – but only if they stay inside it!



Get over here, enemy troops, so this Rocket can hit you all! This windy Tornado pulls any troops in its large effective radius, quickly grouping them all up in an instant (perfect for any incoming splash damage) while also slightly damaging them for only 3 Elixir! When used correctly, this spell can be invaluable. Also useful for dragging that pesky Hog Rider to activate your King Tower.



Freeze! This 4 Elixir spell incapacitates and damages troops and buildings for 4 seconds. It can catch players off guard and can often clutch a victory. Or use it as a last second defense by freezing enemy troops that is just about to reach your tower. But it can cause your opponent to create a bigger push to crush you.



Pump up your troops with a 2 Elixir boost! Increases the attack speed and movement speed of all units in its large effective radius, greatly multiplying their strength and creating savage beasts that can take out towers in seconds. However, when used in the wrong place or time, it can just be a waste of Elixir.



The Clone is an incredibly volatile spell that clones every troop within its radius. For only 3 Elixir, it doubles the damage and can overwhelm opponents as Clones still retain the abilities of their normal counterparts. Despite this, each cloned troop only has 1 hitpoint, so beware of area damage!



This Mirror's magic allows one to replay the last card deployed for one more Elixir, but with a higher level (depending on the level of the Mirror). It can be used to double up attacks for high reward, but results in a huge Elixir disadvantage if not used well. Mirror will not appear in your starting cards.




This 6 Elixir automatic crossbow has moderate hitpoints, low damage, a long range and a very fast hitspeed. It can quickly whittle down small swarms and moderate-health troops, cripple tanks, and destroy towers. However, it can be very easily distracted, and is easily destroyed by spells and swarms.

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