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Three fast, moderate-damage single-target near-melee air troops. Unarmored but targeting both ground and air, they can be a high-damage support card or a quick defense against glass cannons at the cost of 3 Elixir. A bit vulnerable to splash damage, but it'll do the trick.



Two low-damage yet medium-ranged single-target troops. Targeting both ground and air, and lightly armored, they are inexpensive support troops or a quick defense against small pushes while costing only 3 Elixir. They're weak to decent splash damage like spells and such, though. For 2 Cycles, if their Evolution is active, then they become upgraded, proven from training with the Archer Queen, dishing out double damage for units, but only those far away! They're still weak to the same decent splash damage, but they're still tough!



A moderate-damage single-target melee troop. Despite only targeting ground, this jack-of-most-trades card can act as a great mini-tank and a fair defense against small troops with his moderate-high hitpoints and decent damage output. All for only 3 Elixir; good stats for his cost if you ask anyone! For 2 Cycles, if his Evolution is active, his mustache and now glorious purple armor will be upgraded. While walking, he recieves 60% less damage from EVERY damage source, so make sure to tackle him when he is still with another mini-tank instead of walking to a ranged troop.

Spear Goblins


Three very fast, low-damage single-target ranged troops. Unarmored and targeting both ground and air, they are excellent against small single-target ground and air pushes like Minions and are dirt-cheap support units costing only 2 Elixir.



Four very fast, moderate damage, single-target melee troops. Unarmored and only targeting ground, they are nevertheless an excellent defense against glass cannons like the Mini P.E.K.K.A., and not to be ignored with a tank or mini-tank. All for only 2 Elixir!



A 2 Elixir high-damage and medium-ranged splash troop. While fragile and only targeting ground, it is decent against medium to large swarms and can deal great damage behind a tank for its price. For 2 Cycles, if his Evolution is active, the Bomber's bomb bounces twice after the initial throw! Dealing heavy amounts of splash damage and greatly increasing its chances of hitting the Crown Towers! Talk about value!



Three fast, low-damage single-target melee troops. They only target ground and are completely unarmored, but are very useful. They can distract enemies when timed right or just exist to cycle your deck for the dirt-cheap price of 1 Elixir! Think about the amount of value! For 2 Cycles, if their Evolution comes active, they evolve. When they attack, another evolved skeleton with a fresh ushanka gets summoned through the arena, and so forth, meaning you need to tackle them before their numbers snowball significantly, even if it's a maximum of 8 evolved skeletons! Speaking of Snowballs...



Five single-target melee troops with thoroughly average stats. Despite only targeting ground, they are a mighty collective force and can swiftly deal with a great variety of threats for 5 Elixir, but keep them away from powerful splash cards. For the low price of ONE cycle, if their Evolution comes active, they gain a base stat increase, meaning it'd be tougher to counter them with powerful splash cards. And you'll better wish you don't hurt 'em, 'cause if you do, they get ENRAGED; emotionally and potionally!

Electro Spirit


Completing the quartet of 1 Elixir spirits, it boasts the same cost, hitpoints, and move speed as them while also bringing a killer mustache to the table. Although its damage and stun duration don't match that of the Ice Spirit, its attack will chain onto up to nine units within four tiles of each other, allowing for some truly shocking effects that can stretch far across the arena, even all the way to your opponent's King's Tower!

Skeleton Dragons


These smaller, skeletal cousins of the Baby Dragon move just as fast while packing almost double the punch! However, their bones seem to be a bit brittle, as they have much less health, and their belches don't cover as wide of an area. Their 4 Elixir cost also hasn't changed, meaning most of their utility comes down to how long they can avoid having their bones scattered. But there are two of them, so they can help defend in both lanes simultaneously.

Fire Spirit


One very fast, near-melee splash troop that packs a flaming hot punch for only 1 Elixir! It is an excellent defense against tightly-packed swarms and glass cannons, and adds a second layer of offense to even the smallest pushes. However, it can be easily snuffed out due to its low hitpoints, so constantly look for opportunities to sneak it onto enemy troops, preferably melee troops.



Five single-target melee units that offer good defensive and offensive value despite their very weak stats. Fragile but fast flying units, Bats can attack both ground and air units and can easily deal with solo mini-tanks. At just 2 Elixir, Bats can fortify and cheapen your deck. For 2 Cycles, if their Evolution comes acive, then they become VAMPIRE bats, healing themselves whenever they attack. But what's healing when they're literally as fragile as skeletons? Well, they get a small stat buff, and they can increase their health past their maximum!

Royal Recruits


Six fairly tough melee ground troops spread out in a horizontal formation across the arena. With the addition of a shield to absorb otherwise devastating strikes, they can distract and repel most enemies and act as a capable shield for other units across both lanes, though this is for a hefty 7 Elixir, so use them wisely, for they come weak to huge splash damage. For 1 Cycle, if their Evolution is active, they close their eyes and pretend they're riding ponies and having metal buckets. When they walk enough tiles (without that heavy shield) they will charge with double speed and hit for almost double damage

Royal Giant


An infamous, hulking beast of a man. Costs 6 Elixir for a great single-target damage to buildings. High in health with somewhat good range, his powerful cannonballs plough through any building he decides to shoot. He's vulnerable to high damage dealers, but he doesn't care. He'll still land a few smacks anyways. For 1 Cycle, if his Evolution is there, he upgrades his weapon to giant golden cannon balls! It's so awesome, everytime he fires one of those giant balls, he emits a shockwave around himself that knocks back everyone near him.

Ice Spirit


This fast, 1 Elixir snowball has excellent defensive and offensive capabilities due to its freeze, which can reset channeled abilities, force enemies to retarget, or even freeze the opposition as potent support in a push. Its cheap cost also makes it great to quickly shuffle through a player's deck, and it's got enough health to survive one attack from most units while it deploys, allowing it to get the jump on them. But what if 1 isn't enough? Well for 2 Cycles, if its Evolution is active, it will blast a total of 3 times! Leaving plenty of time to defend the unit is jumped on.

Skeleton Barrel


A 3 Elixir barrel packed with bones that drifts through the air looking for towers and trouble. It's a bit on the fragile side, but it soars quickly through the arena. When it makes contact with a building, or when the barrel balloons get popped, it explodes and drops seven sword-swinging Skeletons ready to party!

Goblin Gang


Six fast though weak Goblins for 3 Elixir. Three have knives for powerful ground melee combat deployed in front, and three have spears for ranged attacks on both ground and air at the rear. Together, they can clear a multitude of units, but be wary of splash cards when using this Goblin Value Pack!

Elite Barbarians


A pair of upgraded Barbarians for 6 Elixir, notorious for their sheer combined speed and melee power. Together, they can wreck tanks, evaporate glass cannons and shred down building-targeting units, though they're easily distracted and are especially weak against large swarms. Brain? How about some brawn instead!

Minion Horde


Gulp! A horde of 6 Minions for only 5 Elixir! This card has ridiculously high damage per second, allowing it to defeat tanks and pushes in the blink of an eye. But keep caution using them, otherwise you may lose everything... in the blink of an eye.



This former Archer has turned rebellious, bringing a firework to cause havoc in the arena. While frail for 3 Elixir, she'll push herself back with every attack, making it harder for enemy troops to reach her. Whenever her rocket hits a target, it will split into smaller sparks that deal damage to troops or buildings behind it. But be careful; a smart opponent can use her shrapnel to activate their King's Tower! For 2 Cycles, if her Evolution is fired up, she gets fired up too. Both her initial attack and her shrapnel fires lands sparks which deal damage around an area, and even slows down the movement speed of opposing troops!



A 5 Elixir value pack of a trio of trouble, with one boy and two girls. The boy absorbs damage from the front as mini-tank and melee attacker, while the high damage but low health girls fire from behind! With big health and big damage combined, this card is a complete wombo combo of a push by theirselves, but it's less wombo if one of their gum-slinging or sword-swinging engine(s) get(s) chopped off.




Blot out the sky with a 3 Elixir rain of Arrows. Its moderate damage and very large radius makes clearing swarms and weak enemies a breeze, but is lackluster against higher health units like the Knight.



2 Elixir, instant effect and stuns. What's not to like? The Zap is often the lifeline against swarms, with immediate low damage that can cripple or destroy small troops. Force enemies to re-target, reset attacks or use that slight extra damage to finish things off. For 2 cycles if the Evolution is activated, it will strike a total of 3 times. Each time dealing damage (killing cards like Firecracker and Minion Horde), stuns (sorry troops and buildings with charge attacks) and increases it radius (become almost as big as Poison, at the end)

Giant Snowball


Is a push too hot to handle? A giant, 2 Elixir Snowball will make them slow down for 2 seconds and chill out. As a side note, squishier troops tend to go splat while all but the heaviest of troops get knocked back. The Giant Snowball excels as a cheap, versatile disrupter.

Royal Delivery


I'm sorry, did anyone order pure defensive destruction? Purchase this package for the low low price of 3 Elixir and it will be delivered with a slight delay, dropping from the sky, taking out air and ground swarms alike within its radius. Once it hits the ground, a Royal Recruit pops out to finish off the rest. It is perfect for defense, however not for offense, as it can't be placed on the opponent's side! You know what they say, 3 seconds or it's free!




For 3 Elixir, it has moderate hitpoints, damage, and one of the shortest building lifetimes out of all the buildings. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Well, when you see that Hog Rider being pulled towards the Cannon into his death for just 3 Elixir, you'd better think again.



It's quite hard to stop these explosive shells from hitting a tower and dealing quite a bit of damage thanks to its blind spot; any enemy troop that gets too close will be ignored. The ability to snipe towers, its moderate hitpoints, and the light cost of 4 Elixir make this building versatile, though its incredibly slow hitspeed means it often needs additional support against any unit that isn't one shot by its attack. For 2 Cycles, if its Evolution is online, its new roommates are too; Goblins! When the Mortar fires a shot, a Goblin comes where it lands. I mean, the rent price there is low.



Peek-a-boo! I zap you! For 4 Elixir, it has moderate health and damage; can defeat Hog Riders and Balloons alone; and can take care of small swarms. When nobody is there, it hides underground, preventing any damage (except for an incoming Earthquake). However, swarms can destroy this building. For 2 cycles, if the Evolution is active, it will have so much energy to control, that it will spill over. When poping up (and even after death), it will send a wave of electricity to ground and air units, dealing low damage and stunning for 1 sec, making it good for dealing with any kind of pushes. It can even pop op for a second time (or how many times it can), with a new wave to send.

Tower Troops

Tower Princess


The King decides to guard his secondary towers with his classic trusted daughter, because family always comes first. High health and quick lowish damage is always nice as a secondary means of defense.

Baby Goblins


The Baby Goblins have come to the arena with the almighty Goblin Queen! While their stats may be the same as the average Tower Princess and King Tower combo, the Goblin Queen’s ability, given by the Baby Goblins, shows their superiority against the King and his daughters. After spending 20 Elixir on cards relating to Goblins, the next Goblin card will cause the Goblin Queen to shoot her brood of 8 Baby Goblins across the arena, ready to attack the opponent with a slew of stabs! Best keep the Baby Goblins away from splash damage or they’ll be quickly dispatched.

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