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Champion is a card rarity in Clash Royale. It consists of 6 cards so far: the Skeleton King, the Archer Queen, the Golden Knight, the Mighty Miner, Monk, and the Little Prince. Like all other cards, Champions can be obtained through the Trophy Road, starting in Arena 16.

About Champions[]

  • Champion cards start at level 11.
  • Champion cards have a unique gimmick special to their rarity, which are Abilities. Abilities are accessible from the bottom rightmost side of the screen, just above the player's “hand” in battle. They cost Elixir to cast, granting a Champion card a special ability depending on the Champion card, and will only stay as long as the Champion card is alive.
    • The average Elixir cost in the deck menu only counts the base Elixir cost instead of both the base and the ability.
  • Only one Champion card can be in a deck at a time.
  • Champion cards will not reappear until after they have died and 4 cards have been drawn from the player's Battle Deck. Their absence from the card rotation while alive can be taken advantage of to get to wanted cards quicker, commonly known as a 3 card Champion cycle.
  • Clone can be used on a Champion card, but the Champion card's ability will only be used by the original.
  • Mirror cannot be used on Champion cards. If the player's last played card was a Champion card, the Mirror will appear greyed out with a ? in place of the Elixir number. If the player's first card played was a Champion card, and they obtain a Mirror card by having it be dealt to their hand as the second card, the Mirror will again appear greyed out with a ? in place of the Elixir number. Attempting to deploy it while it is greyed will do nothing, and on the first attempt the text "Mirror cannot be deployed as a first card" will be displayed.
  • However, when a Champion card activates their ability 0.3 seconds before they die, the Elixir spent on the ability will be refunded 0.4 seconds after they die. [confirmation needed]
  • As of now, there are no Book equivalents for Champion cards, although the Book of Books and their respective Wild Cards will still work.

Golden Knight


The Golden Knight makes a force through the Arena, slashing enemies through the power of his moderate damaging sword and absorbing through his very healthy golden bodyplate, all for 4 Elixir. As long as he's staying alive on the battlefield, you can pay an extra 1 Elixir for a Dashing Dash, causing him to run around until he approaches an enemy, instantly dashing through a foe through another for up to 10 times, and delivering mean swings afterwards! On top of everything else, very much like his former associate, the Bandit, he is completely invulnerable to anything while dashing! Combine that with his constant dashing without a skip, and you get a juggernaut who's literally and figuratively gold.

Skeleton King


For 4 Elixir, the almighty dynast of the dead rises through the Arena, clubbing everything through his way with a moderate damage melee splash attack! While he stays in the Arena, any form of life destroyed in the entire battlefield, whether it be friend or foe, will make a fine addition to his Soul Counter, albeit with a limit of 14 souls. Then, for 2 Elixir, you can use his Soul Summoning ability right above your hand. It will release all of the souls he kept for battle in form of Skeletons around a royal Graveyard aura around him, and adds in 6 more Skeletons among the skeleton squad! Be a bit cautious, as some splash damage dealers will shrug off his reincarnated henchmen and kill a royal entity not even he could revive.

Archer Queen


The queen of all Archers. A powerful glass cannon rocks the Arena with her crossbow and its mean bolts that she constantly fires rapidly for 5 Elixir. However, an extra dirt-cheap 1 Elixir can be spent for her Cloaking Cape ability, mitigating the glass part of her by turning herself invisible à la the Royal Ghost; unable to be targeted for a while! For the cherry on top, she also increases her fire output for herself significantly while under her invisibility cape, dishing out more impressive loads of damage onto her foes while still being safe inside her hidden cloak! She's vulnerable to heavy spells, large swarms and such, and walks slower under her maybe heavy cape, but with great power comes great responsibility, so be careful!

Mighty Miner


You don't need a shovel to mine skillfully! One big, strong, drilling punch-packer is spawned for 4 Elixir! He packs high health, weak damage that ramps up over time to significant measures, similar to the Inferno Dragon. He can take out large, tanky troops (or your tower) with just a drill, but struggles with swarms! But wait, there's more! In hectic times, you can pay 1 Elixir to activate Explosive Escape, which makes him drill underground and cross over to its other side! Before digging, he will leave a big bomb à la Balloon, dealing moderate damage to troops, and annihilating swarms (aka the reason he's heading out in the first place). So when you face this mega mine muncher, prepare for climax, and expect the unexpected!

Little Prince


Now which one of you let your nephew to the arena? This mischevious brat loads in his crossbow and fires them at, well, enemies. His crossbow attack ramps up in DPS the longer he stays still, and unlike the Inferno Dragon, he doesn't stop his crossbow's ramping up when he destroys an enemy. He does stop when he moves an inch, though, making knockback like a Giant Snowball handy. Kids without parental figure supervision, right? Wrong! For 3 Elixir, you'll activate Royal Rescue to meet his guardian; Guardienne, creating the most mischevious tank + glass cannon combo since the Rascals. She dashes her way from her King's Tower and on the way to the Little Prince himself, damaging and knocking back enemies, and hopefully letting said Prince stay a little longer to charge his crossbow.



Make the opponents wish they've never fought in the first place with this peacemaking powerhouse! With 5 Elixir, a tank is spawned, attacking through foes through melee attacks, with the third one dealing triple the damage of said attack AND pushing the victim a few tiles back. Most of his power lies in Pensive Protection, a 1 Elixir ability you can spend to cast a zen shield around itself. When a projectile approaches it, he'll throw hands, nullifying AND deflecting it to the nearest Crown Tower. It can deflect a lot from fire to ice. And yes, it can deflect projectile SPELLS. That includes Rockets. It can deflect as long as it is travelling in the air with velocity not too high, meaning it cannot deflect stuff like Inferno Beams, stunning electricity, or a sword.

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