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For 3 Elixir, it has moderate hitpoints, damage, and one of the shortest building lifetimes out of all the buildings. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Well, when you see that Hog Rider being pulled towards the Cannon into his death for just 3 Elixir, you'd better think again.



It's quite hard to stop these explosive shells from hitting a tower and dealing quite a bit of damage thanks to its blind spot; any enemy troop that gets too close will be ignored. The ability to snipe towers, its moderate hitpoints, and the light cost of 4 Elixir make this building versatile, though its incredibly slow hitspeed means it often needs additional support against any unit that isn't one shot by its attack.



Peek-a-boo! I zap you! For 4 Elixir, it has moderate health and damage; can defeat Hog Riders and Balloons alone; and can take care of small swarms. When nobody is there, it hides underground, preventing any damage (except for an incoming Earthquake). However, swarms can destroy this building.


Goblin Cage


For 4 Elixir, you can drop a building containing a Goblin Brawler on the arena, pulling Hogs and Golems alike. That cage won't hold for long though, as after a little while if it's not broken, the Goblin Brawler inside does the job himself! When released, he gets his revenge for being captured on every enemy in his sight, dishing out impressive damage while having moderate health!



A cheap spawner with moderate hitpoints at the cost of only 3 Elixir that spawns two Skeletons every few seconds. When destroyed, 4 more spooky scary Skeletons pop up to avenge the destroyer. The spawned Skeletons and the avenging ones can easily distract and take out single-target units, making this building very versatile.

Inferno Tower


Things get really hot with this building. For 5 Elixir, this incinerator will roast even massive tanks and powerful support units in an instant for a neutral, if not, positive elixir trade. However, beware of swarms and the power of electrickery, as this building will be overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Goblin Hut


Here come the Spear Goblins! Every 4 seconds a Spear Goblin will spawn and chip some damage off the enemy's towers in this 5 Elixir tribal-looking building, creating a passive Elixir advantage all the while. And just when you think they'll stop coming, more Spear Goblins pop out upon the hut's death! They can easily build up behind a tank to cause even more damage to towers, but are still weak to splash damage.



Where do these Fire Spirits come from? This 4 Elixir magic oven has moderate health and the ability to spawn waves of Fire Spirits, efficiently countering swarms and other troops while putting the opponent under pressure offensively. As icing on the cake, this destructive stove also cooks up one fiery little Fire Spirit when the whole stove melts. However, beware of spells and splash damage, as they will put out the ongoing fire!

Bomb Tower


Bombs away! This ground-only building throws bombs dealing moderate splash damage at a decent rate, making it perfect against swarms. Combined with its medium hitpoints, its cost of 4 Elixir, and Death Damage, this building is one of the most effective against ground units in the game.

Elixir Collector


You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir! For 6 Elixir, this passive building has moderate health along with the ability to produce bonus Elixir. This will make large pushes much easier to play, although this building comes with significant risk due to its vulnerability to spells and high cost. Elixir Collector will not appear in your starting cards.

Barbarian Hut


This crude but high-hitpoint barracks spawns a pair of Barbarians every 10 seconds, who deal quite a bit of damage when ignored. These Barbarians can be valuable as support, granting a significant Elixir advantage. And, just like the Goblin Hut, more units spawn after the building's destruction. Despite this, the hut is expensive (7 Elixir) and the spawned Barbarians can be easily taken out if handled correctly.




This 6 Elixir automatic crossbow has moderate hitpoints, low damage, a long range and a very fast hitspeed. It can quickly whittle down small swarms and moderate-health troops, cripple tanks, and destroy towers. However, it can be very easily distracted, and is easily destroyed by spells and heftier swarms.

Goblin Drill


These Goblins have abandoned locomoting with wooden barrels; now they've got a whole machine! For 4 Elixir, this drill can pop up anywhere in the arena and start releasing Goblins. Upon destruction, it spawns 2 more! At the end of the day, a bunch of Goblins are still Goblins. Area damage units or spells will do well to quell them. But be mindful of when the opponent can send it in, or your Crown Tower might be stolen too!

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