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Card Evolution

Card Evolution and the first Evolution Slot are both unlocked at King Level 7. The second Evolution Slot is unlocked at King Level 54. This feature allows specific Cards to become a more powerful version of themselves after a certain number of Cycles. Cycles are the amount of times the original card must be deployed into the arena to obtain the Card Evolution. For Instance, if a card requires 2 Cycles to evolve, every 3rd of that card would be its Card Evolution. This can be easily tracked as once you deploy the card, a diamond above the card art will be filled in the next time it comes into your hand. Every card with an Evolution takes 6 Evolution Shards or Wild Shards to be used in battle. When a Card Evolution is deployed, a special deploy sound will play while a purple light temporarily shines down on them. When you obtain a Card Evolution in a match, a guitar riff will play. All Card Evolutions have a special ability that the original card doesn't have. In addition to the ability, some Card Evolutions have increased stats to compensate for their low appearance in battle.

Obtaining Evolutions[]

Evolution Shards[]

Evolution Shards can be obtained from Shop Offers, Season Shop, Special Challenges, Pass Royale, and every other Level Up Chest past King Level 50. The Season Shop contains 3 Evolution Shards of the newest Evolution 4 months prior. For instance, if the newest Evolution was the Ice Spirit, 3 Knight Evolution Shards would be available. If you obtain an Evolution Shard via Shop Offers for an Evolution you already have, they'll convert into a significant amount of extra cards for the regular form of the Evolution. This amount varies based on the card’s rarity.

Wild Shards[]

Wild Shard

Wild Shards can be obtained from Shop Offers, Special Challenges, Epic Lucky Drops, and the Season Shop. The Season Shop will always contain 1 Wild Shard every season for 6000 Season Tokens and Epic Lucky Drops have a 10% chance to drop one. Unlike Evolution Shards, Wild Shards are capable of being used on any card with an Evolution, so it’s recommended to spend them wisely in order to maximize value.

Evolution Card Attributes[]

Total Cost
Stat Boosts
Icons stats boost
Special Ability
Icons stats boost
Barbarians BarbariansEvoShard 5 1 10 +10% Health +35% Attack and Movement Speed every time they attack lasting 3 seconds. This 3-second timer resets if they keep attacking.
Royal Giant RoyalGiantEvoShard 6 1 12 Identical Stats Every time the Royal Giant attacks, a 2.5-tile radius, low damage, and a 1-tile knockback-inducing shockwave briefly appears around him.
Firecracker FirecrackerEvoShard 3 2 9 Identical Stats Sparks that deal very low damage every 0.25 seconds appear after the initial attack is finished. Lasting 3 seconds. The center spark has a 2.5-tile radius while the shrapnel sparks have a 1.2-tile radius. Additionally, these sparks will slow the movement speed of all troops in their radius by 15%.
Skeletons SkeletonsEvoShard 1 2 3 +33% Count Every time a Skeletons attacks, another Skeleton spawns right next to it. Stops replicating at 8 Skeletons.
Mortar MortarEvoShard 4 2 12 -25% Attack Time Interval Every time a Mortar shot lands, a Goblin spawns with it.
Knight KnightEvoShard 3 2 9 Identical Stats While the Knight is moving or deploying, a shield is applied that reduces all sources of damage by 60%. This shield loses its effect when an opposing troop is 1.2 tiles or less from the Knight.
Royal Recruits RoyalRecruitsEvoShard 7 1 14 Identical Stats When the shield on a Royal Recruit is knocked off and the troop has traveled 1.5 tiles, it will charge at a Very Fast movement speed and will do 1.95x damage once connected to an opposing troop. These attributes apply to all 6 Royal Recruits.
Bats BatsEvoShard 2 2 6 +50% Health Every time the Bats attack, they'll start healing at a rate of 2 pulses every second. This heal goes beyond their health bar and acts as an overheal, doubling their max health.
Archers ArchersEvoShard 3 2 9 +10% Range Deals 2x damage to an opposing troop if they're 4.5-6 tiles away from the Archers.
Ice Spirit IceSpiritEvoShard 1 2 3 +33% Splash Radius Once the Ice Spirit jumps on an opposing troop, it freezes them for 1.2 seconds. After 3 seconds, it freezes the troop for another 1.2 seconds. After another 3 seconds, this is repeated for the final time. If the troop is defeated midway through, a 2-tile radius is left behind. Maintaining the same pattern on the ground.
Valkyrie ValkyrieEvoShard 4 2 12 +10% Health Every time the Valkyrie attacks, a Tornado pulls all troops within a 5.5-tile radius into the Valkyrie. This Tornado lasts for 0.5 seconds and deals low damage to all ground and air troops in its radius, including Crown Towers.
Bomber BomberEvoShard 2 2 6 Identical Stats Every time the Bomber attacks, the bomb it throws bounces twice after the initial attack. Each damage radius is 2.5 tiles apart.
Wall Breakers WallBreakersEvoShard 2 2 6 +50% Damage If the Wall Breakers are initially defeated, the barrels they roll on break. Dealing moderately low damage in a 1.5-tile radius. After, they continue to run to the nearest building at a Very Fast movement speed. Dealing moderately low damage in a 1.5-tile radius once connecting to the nearest building.
Tesla TeslaEvoShard 4 2 12 Identical Stats After surfacing and after death, a pulse of electricity comes out from the Tesla. This pulse deals moderately low damage and inflicts a stun. The stun lasts for 1 second and has a 6 tile radius.
Zap ZapEvoShard 2 2 6 Identical Stats Once the initial Zap is used, the radius stays in the arena, growing 0.5 tiles and doing the same stun, but with half the damage of the initial Zap. This goes on for a third time.
Battle RamEvolved Battle Ram Evo Shard 4 2 12 Barbarians: +10% Health Once the Battle Ram starts charging, anything that comes in contact with it will be hit with moderate damage while small to medium troops will be knocked back 2 tiles. Additionally, upon connecting with its target, the Battle Ram will knock itself back and deal double its regular connection damage, constantly ramming into its target until either the Battle Ram or its target is destroyed. This will deal the same double damage for every connection made. Once the Battle Ram breaks, 2 Evolved Barbarians will be revealed from underneath.
WizardWizardEvoShard 5 1 10 Identical Stats Spawns with a shield, that once destroyed, will deal moderate damage while dealing knockback to all small to medium troops within its 3 tile radius.
Goblin BarrelGoblinBarrelEvoShard 3 2 9 Identical Stats Spawns 2 Goblin Barrels with identical appearances, with the placement mirroring each other in their own respective lanes. The Goblin Barrel manually deployed by the player will contain 3 Goblins while the other Goblin Barrel will contain 3 Decoy Goblins. These are identical to Goblins, but with significantly less health.
Goblin Giant File:GoblinGiantEvoShard.png 6 1 12 Identical Stats After the Goblin Giant reaches 50% of his original hitpoints, a Goblin will spawn 2.5 tiles behind him every 1.5 seconds. These Goblins have no deploy time.
Goblin Drill File:GoblinDrillEvoShard.png 4 2 1 Identical Stats After the Goblin Drill reaches 66% of its original hitponits, it'll go back underground and spawn 2 death Goblins. Afterwards, it'll emerge 90 degrees around the Crown Tower from where it originally was deployed and spawn another Goblin upon going back underground. After reaching 33% of its original hitpoints, it'll rotate another 90 degrees around the Crown Tower and spawn another death Goblin. The spawn damage is repeated all 3 times the drill emerges from underground and continues to spawn a Goblin from the drill every 3 seconds. If it hasn't been placed next to the Crown Tower, it'll emerge from the same spot all 3 times.





  • The Ice Spirit, Tesla, and Bats Evolutions are the only evolutions without a purple diamond represented on their card renders.
  • The Royal Giant's Evolution, Bomber's Evolution, Wall Breaker's Evolution, and Skeletons' Evolution are the only Card Evolutions to be changed before their release.
  • The Battle Ram’s Evolution is the only Card Evolution to spawn an evolved troop as a part of its mechanics.
  • The Skeletons' Evolution and Ice Spirit’s Evolution are the cheapest Card Evolutions, at 1 Elixir.
  • The Royal Recruits’ Evolution is the most expensive Card Evolution, at 7 Elixir.
  • The Barbarians' Evolution was the first Card Evolution to be fully revealed.
  • Some troops and buildings resemble Super Troops from Clash of Clans. More specifically:
    • The Evolved Barbarians resemble the Super Barbarian from Clash of Clans.
    • The Evolved Valkyrie resembles the Super Valkyrie from Clash of Clans.
    • The Evolved Wizard resembles the Super Wizard from Clash of Clans.
  • The Evolved Bomber's bouncing bomb ability is the same mechanic used by the Bomber from the Clash of Clans Builder Base.
  • Card Evolutions do not have alternative skins that take Star Points.
  • All Card Evolutions are 3d models when deployed into the arena. This is different from the 2d sprites used in their regular forms.