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“Slow but powerful. What could be better than a giant cannon on your Tower?”

The Cannoneer is an Epic card that is unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). It is a single-target, air-targeting, long-ranged tower troop with very high damage, but low hit speed.


  • The Cannoneer's massive single-target damage makes it very effective at taking out low to medium-health, low-count troops, such as Wall Breakers, Archers, Firecracker, Ice Wizard, and Mega Minion.
  • The Cannoneer's damage is similar to Royal Delivery. Thus, it will kill troops, such as Dart Goblin and Firecracker, in one hit.
  • The Cannoneer's hit speed is very slow at 2.4 seconds, hindering its ability to deal with most swarms effectively, allowing for large swarms, such as Skeleton Army, to destroy the Cannoneer if left alone. Smaller swarm cards like Bats and Goblins can accumulate a large amount of chip damage if left ignored. It's recommended to use multiple cards with splash damage when using the Cannoneer in battle.
  • The Electro Spirit has amazing synergy with decks using the Cannoneer due to its ability to handle light swarms, especially Skeletons and Bats, very effectively for a cheap cost.
  • The Cannoneer’s 7.5 tile range allows it to attack opposing troops kited into the other lane or troops attacking the King Tower in the opposite lane.
  • The Cannoneer has lower hitpoints compared to other tower troops. This makes it weaker to strategies that can outrange him.
    • The X-Bow and Mortar both outrange it and because of its lower hitpoints, they will need less attacks in order to fully destroy him. This may require to place the cards fewer times, saving more Elixir for later within the battle.
    • While a Magic Archer cannot outrange it initially, if he is lined up with an incoming troop, he can deal notable damage to the Cannoneer while also slowly chipping down the troop. A similar strategy works with the Firecracker and Evolved Bomber.
  • The Cannoneer is excellent at dealing with high hitpoint units, such as Golem and Giant, due to its high damage.
  • The Cannoneer is especially powerful against Electro Giant as the high damage and slow hit speed causes the Cannoneer to get hit by the counterattack less frequently compared to other tower troops while dealing more damage per shot.
  • The Cannoneer has great synergy with cards that can pull enemies towards the center of the player's side. These cards allow one or potentially both of the Cannoneers to deal more damage to the incoming troops.
    • Ranged troops like the Archers and Spear Goblins can utilize their range from the center, while the Cannoneer attacks the troops. This works best against slow melee troops like the Valkyrie. Note that this is not as effective against a P.E.K.K.A or a Giant Skeleton due to their lower sight range.
    • The player can also utilize kiting strategies with troops like the Ice Golem and Goblin Giant, to lure them towards the other lane, while the Cannoneer attacks them. This may even result in the kiting troop surviving, setting up for a counterattack.
    • Against building-targeting troops, defensive buildings, such as a Cannon, are necessary. While the Cannoneer deals damage to them, the building lures them deep enough into the other lane for the other Cannoneer to attack.
    • The Tornado and Fisherman's pulling mechanics can also bring them to the area where both Cannoneers can attack. The Fisherman will also further defend against them with his regular attacks. The Cannoneer's high damage will save more hitpoints on the Fisherman, allowing him to counterattack afterwards more safely.
  • A Tombstone placed anywhere on the opponent's side will always take out the Cannoneer if left alone. This is due to the spawned Skeletons coming out of the Tombstone too quickly for the Cannoneer to keep up.
    • Conversely, a Tombstone placed optimally against opposing high hitpoint units can greatly increase the effectiveness of the Cannoneer, allowing both of them to target the tank as the Tombstone distracts and adds extra damage with the spawned Skeletons. A Goblin Hut or Barbarian Hut can work in a similar way.
  • On the other hand, due to spawning only one troop per wave, the Furnace's spawned Fire Spirits will be instantly defeated by the Cannoneer, preventing all damage from it, even from a distance. As such, the player can focus in the other lane without having to worry about the Furnace.
  • The Evolved Skeletons can easily take out the Cannoneer. This is due to his attack speed being so slow that Evolved Skeletons placed at the bridge will reach the Cannoneer, causing them to destroy him outright if ignored. This will also allow them to accumulate enough troops to destroy the King Tower afterwards as well.
  • The Cannoneer is fairly effective at taking out Balloon, as ignoring a Balloon with the Cannoneer will only have the Balloon get 1 hit.
  • The Witch is very dangerous to the Cannoneer as she will distract him with her Skeletons for a long time. In fact, she can spawn Skeletons faster than it takes for the Cannoneer to destroy the previous wave of Skeletons, distracting him indefinitely. The Night Witch is slightly less effective due to spawning fewer Bats, but can threaten the Cannoneer similarly.


Hit Speed
Damage Speed
2.4 sec 7.5 Air & Ground Tower Troop Epic
Damage per second
6 1,740 251 104
7 1,872 276 115
8 2,016 303 126
9 2,172 332 138
10 2,388 365 152
11 2,616 401 167
12 2,868 441 183
13 3,144 485 202
14 3,456 532 221
15 3,792 584 243





  • According to the Cannoneer reveal video and family tree, the Cannoneer is the red King's cousin.
  • When attacking, he may say "Tick Tock, boom a clock", "Legit banger", "In the building!", “Big cannon, bigger problems", "Boom and doom", "Boooooom", or "I'm having a blast".
  • The Cannoneer is the subject of 3 Emotes.