• AesDragon

    Hello! This is a little info series detailing stats in Clash Royale that are not easily accessible to the player. Essentially, these are stats that aren't told to the player via the card info screens. Last week, we looked at the mass of all troops. In this blog post, we will be going over the collision radius of all units.

    This is talked about even less than last week's topic, mass, which isn't too unexpected as the effects of collision radius are fairly minute in a match. Collision radius is how large a unit's collision is. Basically, the size of a unit. Having a bigger collision radius means troops will target you slightly earlier, since you'll be into their sight range just a bit faster. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. It als…

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  • Magical Energy123

    Let's get one thing straight; I will explain all the basic interactions from arena one, to arena 3. After, that, you will not need any help understanding BASIC principles.

    Splashers are troops that can hit more than one unit at a time. As an example, lets say a splasher is hitting one troop. Anyone touching the radius of splash ( identified by a little red circle that will dissapear after 0.8 seconds ) will also take damage. The Valkyrie will damage troops all around her.

    Single-target troops are troops that can only target one at a time. Just to show you how many there are, I will list SOME. Knight, P.E.K.K.A. Night Witch, Miner, Prince, Goblins, Skeletons, Minions, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, Barbarians, Cannon, Rascal Boy, Musketeer, a…

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  • AesDragon

    Hello! This is a little info series detailing stats in Clash Royale that are not easily accessible to the player. Essentially, these are stats that aren't told to the player via the card info screens. Last week, we looked at the first attack speed of all units. In this blog post, we will be going over the mass of all troops.

    Mass is not often talked about too much in Clash Royale, despite the fact that it can have large effects on the outcome of a match. Mass dictates how a troop's collision interacts when making contact with another troop. For example, lots of Hog Rider players will put a tank in front of it before pushing, such as an Ice Golem. If you put a Goblin behind that Ice Golem instead, it wouldn't be pushed nearly as fast, despite…

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  • AesDragon

    Hello! This is a little info series detailing stats in Clash Royale that are not easily accessible to the player. Essentially, these are stats that aren't told to the player via the card info screens. Last week, we looked at the sight range of almost all cards. In this blog post, we will be going over the first attack speed of all units.

    Most players are actually aware of first attack speed intuitively. Here's an example. Balloon has an attack speed of 3 seconds. So... every 3 seconds, if it's targeted onto a unit, it'll drop its bomb, right? But there's a little caveat. You probably also know that when the Balloon first makes contact with a building, it'll drop its bomb almost instantly (spoilers: it's 0.2 seconds). That is an extreme exam…

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  • AesDragon

    Hello! This is a little info series detailing stats in Clash Royale that are not easily accessible to the player. Essentially, these are stats that aren't told to the player via the card info screens. Last week, we looked at the area damage radius of all non-spell cards. In this blog post, we will be going over the sight range of (almost) all cards.

    Sight range may just seem like a troop's attack range, but there's more to it than that. If sight range was identical to attack range, then technically, all Melee: Short cards would only be able to see troops less than a tile away from them, and wouldn't be able to be pulled by... well, almost anything. On the contrary, they'd need to be placed right next to an enemy troop if you wanted them to …

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  • Laukachai

    Hi, this is Laukachai again, and here's part 2 of how to max your account FAST!

    5. Be Active and play ladder

    Play ladder as you will get trophies and progress on the trophy road.

    The last reward before you reach Arena 7 gives you a Legendary Chest, the last reward before you reach Arena 13 and Ultimate Champion gives you a Legendary King's Chest. Higher Arenas have better rewards!

    6. Never waste gems

    Don't buy emotes!!! These are cosmetics and there is no advantage in progression. You should buy Trade tokens+ coins+ chests special packs.

    7. Pass Royale (optional)

    Pass Royale includes 4 Trade Tokens, 40000 Gold, and many cards. This will make you progress faster.

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  • AesDragon

    Hello! This is going to be a little info series detailing stats in Clash Royale that are not easily accessible to the player. Essentially, these are stats that aren't told to the player via the card info screens. This first part will talk about the area damage radius of all non-spell cards (a spell card's effect radius is also its splash radius, if it does damage). But first, we have to understand what area damage is.

    All three terms are used interchangeably in the Clash Royale community, the most common term being "splash damage", but they all mean the same thing; they refer to cards that can deal damage to multiple units with one attack (this is important for later). Take for example, the Valkyrie versus the Knight. Put both of them on top…

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  • Laukachai

    Hi, I am a Clash Royale player with 4955 trophies and I will talk about how to max your account quicker.

    1. Use Gold and Gems wisely

    You should focus on upgrading the cards that you use at your deck and not upgrade too many cards that you never use.

    Use gems to buy fortune chest when the card is on the daily fortune because it will give you a higher chance of getting the cards that you actually want.

    2. Join an active clan and donate cards

    Donating cards give you experience and coins, which helps to increase your King Level and more coins to upgrade cards. You should also request a card that you want to max out every day. Trade Tokens help you max your cards by giving others cards that you do not need. Please note that the amount is equal to on…

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  • GhostRoboX5

    Here are the additional card stats that are not included:

    The sight range of a troop determines how “far” a troop can see, controlling their aggro range.

    Troops with 5.0 tiles sight range:

    Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Sparky

    Troops with 5.5 tiles sight range:

    Knight, Archer, Goblin, Minion, Witch, Skeleton, Valkyrie, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka, Wizard, Prince, Spear Goblin, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince, Guards, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Lumberjack, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Miner, Bowler

    Troops with 6.0 tiles sight range:


    Troops with 7.0 tiles sight range:

    Golem, Golemite

    Troops with 7.5 tiles sight range:

    Royal Giant, Giant

    Troops with 7.7 tiles sight range:


    Troops with 9.5 tiles sight range:

    Hog Rider, Princess

    The speed of a unit determines how …

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  • Silentwalker123

    Myth buster

    April 25, 2020 by Silentwalker123

    This will explain most logic in the game, since there are magics in there clash universe I will use it to explain myths, although these are just my opinion but there are closer to the truth.

    • One tiny cute snowball can freeze an enemies
      • Explanation: well he is an ice spirit after all.

    • Zap can stun them even they are electric type troops
      • Explanation: this due to electric overload.

    Explanation: perhaps he is riding a minecart and pretending to dig.

    • She is anarmored female troop, but had a high health, she even survives the rocket falling in the sky.
      • Explanation: Read the dark elixir storage's description, it says that the dark elixir is 3x powerful than regular elixir, valkyries are dark elixir troops, therefore, the valkyrie consumes the dark elixi…

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  • Larry army

    Hello again! It’s been more than two years since I’ve written a blog post. This blog post is not a guide or anything official by Supercell, but just P.E.K.K.A. theories by me, a Clash Royale/Clash of Clans fan.

    The size fits perfectly(without the original armour). In this case we will ignore the fact that PEKKA is a female. Both the PEKKA and the Mega Knight are tanks and cost the same. Their difference in damage, hitpoints and hit speed might be caused by the different suit of armour. The inability to jump in the PEKKA suit might also be due to the weight of the PEKKA armour(the sounds PEKKA makes emphasises the weight). The Knight might be skilled in using both swords and maces.

    Although the size does not fit, the PEKKA might also be power…

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    Guess who's back and making blogs!

    Anyways, there hasn't been a legendary ranking in forever, so I decided to provide an update on legendary rankings.

    I don't play CR anymore but I do watch plenty of videos 

    Let's start!

    17. Fisherman

    The worst legendary in my opinion. He can bait but his stats are horrible and he can't target air which makes him outclassed by princess and magic archer. He can pull troops but his average health makes him quick to die. His deploy time is a huge disadvantage and his attack speed is pretty disappointing considering his low damage and low health. Some buffs need to be made as on offense and defense this card is easy to counter. It is safe to say that its usage rate of 0.7% has to deal with these incompetent stats.

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  • JreenGohn

    Meta or not?

    March 9, 2020 by JreenGohn

    I'm probably not the best player on this wiki (4655 cups), but I would still share my personal experience with meta decks or not.

    Personally, I use a half meta deck, and I make the halfmeta deck even more off meta, however it works fine for me.

    I see many players playing meta decks, and most of them I beat them.

    Some meta decks is weird and I don't quite support it like PEKKA Ram, I don't understand how it works and dealt with different decks. My own design deck (You can check it at battle decks page : Lumberjack loon) is designed to dealt with every deck, or at least most. (Even though some aren't so successful). 

    If you use meta decks, no offense but I think you should make some changes to it so that you can dealt with every deck, then you w…

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  • SirKing Henry

    As far as card types go, it's more than troops spells and buildings. I am going to talk about different kinds of card types (Strength, Splash, Fast, Slow, Damage, Shock, Inferno/Damage Acc, Grouped, Target Types, Ranged/Melee) and most importantly, how to use them. Obviously, they overlap. For example, the P.E.K.K.A. is Damage and Slow and Strength. Often, different types are paired up such as Slow and Damage. The following text generally applies to troop cards and occasionally building cards. For your strategy to be successful you need to understand different cards' strengths and weaknesses. For example... Distraction. That is of course very basic, but it is still very important.

    This is when you use a strong card (such as a Giant or Valky…

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  • Nerffan101101

    Hello and welcome to

    PhatGuys card workshop!

    Today we will be making the card the crazed wizard!

    Let's start with the stats

    Rarity: Legendary

    Elixir Cost: 4-5

    HP: 361

    Base Damage: 35

    Area Damage: 6%

    Chance of Electro: 20%

    Chance of Snow: 20%

    Movement speed: Fast

    Attack speed: 1.2 sec

    Range: 5.5 tiles

    Poison Spell level: 9

    Description: "The 3 wizards crazed cousin! He deals very low base damage, but when fighting a higher health unit, he damages by percent! He has a chance of throwing an electrified or frozen shot! But be careful when using him, since he has low health!"

    The first thing you might notice is that he has very low health. He can die in 5 shots from the tower, but he is very unique in that his ability is that he damages in percent. On lower hea…

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  • Nerffan101101

    Zap REWORK Idea

    October 20, 2019 by Nerffan101101

    Hello and welcome to:

    Phatguy's card workshop! Today we will be exploring an idea I had for quite some time and it is the 1 elixir zap rework!

    Here is how it works:

    Elixir goes from 2-->1

    Damage will get a 30% nerf from 159 to 111 at tournament standards

    Stun will go from 0.5 sec-->0.4 sec

    Zap will go from Common to Rare and will be changed from arena 4-11

    Card will get a brighter glow on the card picture 

    To compensate for the common loss of arena 4, bats will be put there instead.

    To compensate for the common loss of arena 5, we will mage a new card, the Enraging spell!

    Here is the Description.

    "Alchemists were trying to make a rage spell, but they accidentally dropped in a poison spell. The card poisons enemy units but also increases their attack …

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  • Nerffan101101

    New card idea

    September 12, 2019 by Nerffan101101

    Hello everyone and welcome to

    PhatGuys Card Workshop!

    Today I will be explaining a card idea I have. It is the Gunship/Airship! It is an epic 7 elixir 1600hp tornament standard unit that spawns 2 royal recruits of the same level upon death. It has range of 4 tiles and deals damage at tornament standards of double the same level skeleton barrel. It is unlocked in builders workshop and deals damage equal to the flying machine of the same level. It has 2 cannons on either sides of th ship and both cannons can rotate 225 degrees each. Ill explain. The card in some ways resembles the goblin giant as the actual airship travels towards the tower and the cannnons attack anything within there range and rotation. The reason I chose exactly 225 degrees…

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  • Eno b 194

    Alphas pain

    July 17, 2019 by Eno b 194

    Alphas pain is looking for active members and members to donate 300+donations a week we take part in back to back wars looking for active over level 8 or level 8 members to join come join and let's us destroy our opponents in war 

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  • Musajawad2003

    I think the clash royale developers should make the normal chests (silver and gold chests) should include way more rewards than they do.

    The game now has so many cards, its really hard to upgrade all your cards up to max level. I think a normal gold chest should atleast have like 2000 gold and like 20-30 rares and should have about 100 cards in them. 

    Having more cards and coins in chests will benefit all f2p players as they will be able to upgrade cards way quicker and versing over-leveled players wont be a problem anymore because everyone will have the same leveled cards.

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  • Invader Tom

    ==Recently ever since I came back to Clash Royale, I have noticed somethings; there have been many new cards added, which is great. The problem is that a lot of these cards are lacking in creativity, and seem to be just... armored or altered versions of currently existing cards. (Barbarians = Elite Barbarians, Electro Wizard = Ice Wizard/Wizard, Battle Ram = Hog Rider x Barbarians, etc). So it is my goal here to provide unique, and fresh cards that are balanced and creative. I will attempt to create new cards daily, so check back once a day!



    • The Ballista is an 10 Elixir Legendary Card that can be unlocked in Arena 10 (Hog Mountain).
    • Its starting health is 700 HP at Level 9, and 1,400 HP at L…

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  • Parkour2906
    • Hunter
    • With less than 1/3rds health, no need to defend against him. 
    • Unsupported: Fireball, Ice Spirits, Skeletons (surround), Bats (surround), Bandit (4.5 tiles away), Skarmy (surround), Barbarian Barrel, Tornado, Tombstone
    • Basically, if he's unsupported, use cheap cards to distract him but if he's in a combo, a giant skeleton or a tank card will get the job done. Choose your cards wisely depending on the situation.


    • Royal Recurits
    • Use something to distract them to the middle and use a swarm card or something depending on the situation.


    • Magic Archer
    • If he's unsupported, use a high-damage card diagonally to avoid him hitting the tower behind it. You can also use ranged cards like musketeers while distracting him with something like an ice golem.

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  • Docta Clash

    No Legendary Decks

    March 24, 2019 by Docta Clash

    Hi! I play clash royale and have 4600 trophies. I have seen a lot of people on this website looking for decks with no legendaries. So I have decided to post one. I will probably do this often so check out my profile every once and a while to see if I posted another one. Royale Giant Deck

    1. Royale Giant

    2. Lightning

    3. Barbarian Barrel

    4. Wizard

    5. Zap

    6. Skeleton Army

    7. Furnace

    8. Mega Minion

    A good opening move is to place a funace in the center. It can get a lot of value and can force the opponent to make a move. Another good opening move is to place a mega minion in the back just to get things started. In single elixer, If you have some left over cards from defence, you can create a royale giant push. Basically everything in this deck can supp…

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  • Type: Sparky

    Ignore this

    February 6, 2019 by Type: Sparky

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  • Waaaaaaaaaasuup

    NOTE: I’m doing this because I got inspired by Captain GLeen Du Grandes blog posts, so I’m going to do one.

    Number 15: pretty obviously, the Magic Archer is the worst legendary, and not just that, but one of the worst cards in the game! With its very low attack and HP, and the only thing it can brag being its longer arrows, it deserves a rank demotion.

    Number 14: definitely not surprising, the Sparky is 2nd to worst. Not a bad card, but it can be countered so easily, and it’s near impossible getting it to use its immense power on a tower. It can be countered by zap, E-Wizard, many tanks, rocket, etc.

    Number 13: Night Witch. I know that so many people love her, but in my opinion, she got nerfed to death. The only partially good thing about her…

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  • Waaaaaaaaaasuup


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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    You know, the legendary cards are really interesting, they all have their unique ability, and that’s what made them legendary. I’m gonna rank them all again (considering they’re legendary, I’m gonna rank them more often than others.). Again, starting from the worst legendary, to the best

    There’s still only 15 legendary cards

    RIP Magic Archer, originally Magic Archer was considered as a very high skill cap card, skilled players absolutely dominated with him.

    But now, supercell has killed it by nerfing it’s retargeting speed and initial attack speed, and that’s something because Magic Archer is ranked EVEN LOWER than Sparky (who was supposed to be dead last), right now Magic Archer is the worst legendary by far

    Look at that, Sparky has around 1%…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Ok, so apparently supercell finally did something with the Royal Giant. While the Royal Giant actually remained a bit weak, it’s proven that he’s definitely a whole lot better than he originally was. Which is nice cause supercell finally did something to make it viable in top ladder/grand challenges as well as making sure he doesn’t get too overpowered in mid ladder.

    Right now, I do believe supercell need to do something about the Elite Barbarians. It’s the same thing as the old Royal Giant, it’s hated by the lower arenas, but they’re so awful in top ladder/grand challenges, like it really could be the worst common card right now next to the Royal Recruits. Here’s the problem with the Elite Barbarians.

    I do not believe their damage is an iss…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Hey guys, so I’ve been inactive for an month, recently Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale made a blog post about where has he been, so now I’m gonna make mine’s to explain what happened

    Where have I been

    2 months ago, I started boarding school. Now I need to spend more time on my studies , so I have less time on the wiki, that’s why I’ve been inactive for a whole month. There’s some great moments for sure, that’s why I don’t have time to participate . I’m mostly active on reddit right now

    Will I return to Clash Royale

    Yes, but nowhere as active as before. The problem is Clash is dying, which made people decline it for a bit. Now that Brawl Stars is going global, I’m assuming lots of people will turn to brawl. But good news: when this game goes glob…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hey everyone it has been quite a while since I have been here but I'll try to explain it

    Where I have been

    I have been living life like normal but I did manage to improve my workload and basically it's like a normal person sometimes I have good moments sometimes I have bad moments but overall it's going decently but if any of you are curious where I am right now I am mainly active in discord. 

    Will I ever get back into Clash Royale?

    Although I do still enjoy talking about Clash Royale it's very unlikely I would ever return back to playing simply because my device's screen has issues where I can't touch one half of the screen and even if I do manage to fix it or get a new one I wouldn't have the same interest and passion as I did before maybe t…

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  • Mllejodiegrace

    Great news: Clash Royale is a nominee for the Google Play Fan Favorite Game of 2018! This award puts the power in the communities’ hands, allowing fans like the ones on this wiki to vote for and support their favorite game. The voting for the Fan Favorite Game Award runs through November 26.

    Cast your ballot now on Google Play. Check out the full list of nominees below.

    Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 800 million times and named "Best Mobile Game" by The Game Developers Choice Awards and "Best App of the Year" by TechCrunch.…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Finally, we’ve got the legendary cards, which are the rarest cards, the legendary cards are so unique that really nothing can replace the uniqueness, so since they’re all very unique, I have to say: this is the hardest list I have to make, but let’s start with the worst legendary

    As usual, Sparky is definitely dead last.

    However, I will say Sparky is actually nowhere near awful, Sparky is overall decent as a card, but as a legendary, it just sucks

    Why? Sparky is way too easy to counter, as most cards with stun or freeze are really popular, as well as Rocket being an amazing counter, Sparky rarely has a chance to unleash her insane damage to a target, and even if it did, it just wasted to small swarms

    I think Sparky is ok, but it’s just the wor…

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  • Alpha Obelisk

    Hi, today I am going to tell my thoughts of  3 cards that are underpowered and need a buff.

    Personally I really like Royal Recruits. They were too strong at 6 Elixir but 8 Elixir is too much. Why would I pay 8 Elixir when I could play Golem or P.E.K.K.A. Royal Recruits are very easily countered and you're basically playing Barbarians with shields for 8 Elixir. It's a good defensive troop, but expensive.

    1. Reduce cost to 7 and damage reduced by 12% (Supercell's Twitter Poll Buff) why did ice wizard get chosen instead of Royal Recruits??

    Buff idea 2: Increase Royal Recruits count from 6 to 8. Now it would be the same value as 6 Elixir recruits, each recruit worth 1 Elixir.

    Another underrated card. It's fun and useful, but it's kind of underpowe…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    The rare cards are much more different than before,the changes have heavily influenced most of their ranking, I’m going to rank them all again, like before, the worst rare card to the best. Starting from the worst, 25


    I uh..... I cannot believe heal didn’t reach last place in my last ranking. It’s bad, please, just don’t use heal no matter what (except draft), I think it’s obvious I don’t need to explain about this one

    Yeah, just don’t

    RG meta is NOT helping Barb Hut, right now, I’m pretty sure Goblin Hut and Furnace are much better than the Barbarian Hut.

    While Barb Hut does decently in some situations, the heavy 7 elixir cost made it unworthy . Using it can basically mean giving opponents advantage as it’ll just help opponents push o…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    The last balance change has been announced, and since then Epic cards also changed a lot, here’s my updated ranking of the epic cards

    Note it’s all based on my opinion

    Clone has been in the very bottom for quite some time, is clone ever been good?

    Cloned troops is too weak to do anything, for 3 elixir, it’s too easily countered. 1 poison, tornado, any damage spell actually, say goodbye to your clones

    It can offer some niche value sometimes, but we do have the Rage which is less risky and possibly more rewarding. And Rage isn’t that high in my list either so.....

    Is it even worth the +1 elixir?!

    NO! NOT AT ALL! DON’T BOTHER WASTING 1 EXTRA ELIXIR FOR MIRROR! I’d rather use the last card’s weaker alternative than spending 1 extra elixir. The only …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    So..... I’m back, it’s like 2 months since I made my last blog. The meta is always changing, and I feel like rankings has changed, especially the common cards. The balance changes are announced, and here’s my list after the update.

    Starting at 24, the worst common card

    Ugh...... there’s literally no reason to use this card anymore

    The worst common card right now in my opinion is the stab goblins. Back when I first joined the wiki I stated Goblins are absolutely garbage until the meta changed, there’s a time where they’re so OP.

    But, the meta keeps changing, and now the meta favours other cards that does so much better than these thieves (looking at you Skeletons and Spear Goblins), Goblins are now back to their original state: useless

    I feel li…

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  • Type: Sparky

    This update changes nothing but everything. We can at last trade our cards, the Goblin Giant joins the Arena, and card levels have been made easier to comprehend.

    See this and all the other minor improvements we all need to know.

    A new card has been released that can be collected now. The Goblin Giant is a 6 Elixir Epic card. It is unlocked in the Jungle Arena. The Goblin Giant is a tanky unit that carries around two Spear Goblins everywhere he goes - it's a weird but functional arrangement. He has a high number of hitpoints at 2394, does 146 damage every 1.7 seconds, and targets Buildings. As opposed to most tanks, he has a medium movement speed. The Spear Goblins in his sack are identical to regular Spear Goblins, but they can attack anyth…

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  • Underredded

    Ranking em epics

    September 4, 2018 by Underredded

    Just my opinion about the epics and who they'll be ranked

    Note that this ranking was made on 2/9/18, and is not completed till further notice which will be stated here otherwise. Note that opinions change and so will the rankings if I feel that I've made a mistake on the rankings, and only comment when I'm finished please. I don't want a bunch of 4-5 comments saying "I am so excited" or "can't wait to see you finish". I get it, I get it guys

    Yep, a preference ranking first. This won't be too long as I'll just say 3 epics I like.

    3. Dark Prince

    Honestly it's hard to not like the dankness in his helmet, the charge and the club. He, as a card, is also very useful, really versatile. Did a lot for me in tourneys and in lower arenas. Oh god, what is…

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  • DezzaMunt

    How to use tornado

    September 4, 2018 by DezzaMunt

    The tornado has always been one of my favourite cards in the game and I love it because of it's versatility and the many different ways you can use it. I believe that it is still a sorta strong card even after it's multiple nerfs.

    This is probably the most well known way to use the tornado. It is extremely useful against cards like the hog rider, the goblin barrel and the miner. Once the King is activated against these cards, it can deny most if not all damage from these cards. However, there are some very unorthdox ways to activate king towers. One of these ways is to activate the King using the E wiz. Use the tornado to pull the E wiz two tiles away from the arena tower so the Ewiz splits his attack and hits the King Tower. This way, your…

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  • King of The Cards

       1. Skeleton Army

    The epic card, Skeleton Army has lately been quite underwhelming after Barbarian Bowl. With new cheap splash damage spell cards being added through out the year it's been getting used a lot less in arenas pass Barbarian Bowl. One extra skeleton would really help this card out and gives it that extra nudge needed to be useful in the higher arenas. 

       2. Barbarian Hut

    The rare card, Barbarian Hut, was only used in one competitive deck which primary use was to counter another previously popular deck Mortar Rascals. A 7.5% hitpoint buff would be just fine since more hitpoints equals higher spell resistance.

       3. Lava Hound

    The legendary card, Lava Hound, isn't really a good card with out Balloon or to some extent Miner I wish …

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  • A Plasma Monkey Fan

    The title is basically the introduction, so yeah. If you judge the Magic Archer but you don't have him unlocked, let me give you a thumbs down.

    Let me activate the "Use your brains" mode.

    He's the best legendary in the game! Sorry Royal Ghost, I'll still use you sometimes.

    The only trash legendary is Princess and Sparky. Pretty much all the other legendaries can end the opponent (I personally don't like the Ice Wizard). Let me take it slow about the Magic Archer and see what he is with the help of a fellow CR website.

    You know, these are some awesome stats for a 4 elixir card. And since he's a legendary, he has a special ability "Penetration." His range is longer then the Dart Goblin, you can place him in the back to either bait out spells or …

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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    I like draft. So heres a guide for it. Need I say more?

    Picking cards for draft is not only about giving yourself good cards, its also about giving your opponent all the Royal Gia-ah I mean bad cards. But seriously if you can help it try and give yourself good cards. 

    Another thing, if you give your opponent something like Cancer Rock make sure you also pick something like Inferno tower so your tower doesn't get ripped apart. In short get counters for the cards your opponent has. But really you shouldn't be giving your opponent Cancer Rock in the first place unless you wish for death. 

    A good idea is giving your opponent really expensive cards and vice versa so his/her's deck sucks even more.

    Don't overcommit(OJ reference). Seriously. 

    This is …

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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    This is mainly to stop people from quitting Clash Royale. Or maybe just to keep the Fandom alive. OR MAYBE *cough* its for gleen *cough*

    Anyways yeah Enjoy

    I honestly think this doesn't need explaining.

    Just play Clash Royale for fun. Do challenges,  2v2 with friends, climbing the ladder, getting onto TV Royale, Trophy droppi-actually scratch that.

    So basically: Don't quit or you'll miss out on the fun. 

    After a few months of not playing Clash Royale you will eventually miss the annoying music, Trollers, insane rip offs in shop, getting really cool chests and playing Clan wars with friends.

    If you really feel like you need to stop then don't delete the game, keep it there and maybe you'll return someday.

    Maybe=Return or I'll come for you.

    I mean i…

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  • A Plasma Monkey Fan

    I figured Double Prince should rise again, hence the reason why I created this deck: (Hog Rider belongs with the Dark Prince).

    If Double Prince is truely dead, I want to post a poll asking you guys what Deck or Combo should I create? Here it is! I'm not going to do Hog Rider, or Balloon, because those 3... Well

    1. Hog Rider and Balloon are everywhere and I honestly don't care if Supercell deso- I mean, "balances" them.

    2. My Giant is literally Level 2 and my Musketeer is level 4 lol... And I'm in Legendary Arena. If I didn't list a card, it's because mine is underleveled.

    Edit: Ignore Giant Triple Wizards

    I will check the polls soon (Roughtly one week later) and start working

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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    Please ignore my attempt at reviving the SHhek meme above.

    Anyways hey everyone. I thought I needed to make it clear which legendaries are the worst IN MY OPINION. Temptation to bash on PassmethedaNKMEMES detensifies. 

    I have nothing else to really say. Anyways enjoy.

    Many of you will agree when I say PRINCESS IS TRASH. 

    The only thing She can do is finish off some lowly swarms heading to the tower. What else? Long range swarm control you say? At the rate she fires at I think not. Look those Minions are killing that PEKKA! Here lemme just shoot once and take forever to shoot again to kill the minions because Im a jerk. Logbait you say? Shes not the bait. The Poor gobbos bait FOR HER. Support card you say? I use Bowler. Or you can use any damag…

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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    Before I start I would like to say that... THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION DON'T BASH ON ME.

    Anyways I felt bored cuz nooone else was active and decided to create this.

    So enjoy


    No hate

    This first part has been removed due to the fact it may not suit younger children to see a full video of passmethedaNKMEMES throwing swears and ripping apart posters of Cancer hu-ah I mean Goblin hut.

    As many of you may already know.. I despise Goblin hut. Reason being: It's utter cancer.

    Lots of you might say: Oh lol no hes so UP.

    No its Cancer.


    1. Its really dang annoying

    Like seriously don't tell me I'm the only one who hates it when Spear Goblins keep chipping your tower but you don't have Bowler in hand. Also they build up when you play a tank and it's just r…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Supercell announced that the new balance changes will be here soon, bringing balance to Inferno Dragon, Tesla, reworking the Bomb Tower and more! Here’s my thoughts!

    Let’s start!

    I’m tired on calling the Inferno Dragon the worst legendary as it was really horrible before, now this change might even kill it. The range nerf is fine, but being able to be knocked back? Oh boy, it seemed small, but let me tell you: when ID’s knocked back, his ramp up will be reset, like those that are as weak as the Snowball will reset it as long as it’s knocked back.

    This change might bring Inferno Dragon back to the worst legendary next to Sparky, which is what I don’t wanted

    RIP Inferno Dragon

    Royal Hogs is too weak as a card apparently, it doesn’t deal enough da…

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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    Ok, I don't usually do Blog posts because that's Gleen's thing but today I got tired of replying to every single Forum thread in existence so here we are. Anyways Today I'll be sharing about how bats are better than minions in my opinion at least.

    Ok anyways, why are bats better than minions? Well...heres a list have fun

    1.  Bats cost 2 elixir 

    2. Bats are cheaper but have pretty much the same dps as minions

    3. Bats can be used as bait FOR minions or any other swarm card because they are unreliable and cheap but have massive chip damage meaning the opponent usually has to do something about it. 

    4. Bats are probably Inferno dragons cheapest Nightmare.

    5. Bats can counter the following tanks with the help of a tower easily: Lavahound, Giant, Golem …

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    The Royal Recruits are six melee ranged troops that spawn across the arena. They each have 440 hitpoints, 199 shield health, 91 damage, and a 1.2 second hitspeed. Tell me what's wrong here. Actually, no need. I already know what's wrong here.

    I saw a CR video on Youtube, and he proved my point. He made massive Positive Elixir Trade's and snowballed a huge counterattack with 15 elixir worth of troops, but guess what happened?

    Yes. Yes! YES! You are ALL correct! All it took for his opponent was to drop down Royal Recruits to shut down the Youtuber's massive lead and push. All for one dinky little Spear Goblin hit on the opponent's tower. ONE FRIGGIN HIT!!! People can be that aggressive and pull out negative elixir trades all day long, all beca…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Hi, it's PET. Right now, I'll be talking about the Royal Recruits.

    The way that the recruits spawn is absolutely obscure. From the tile they are planted, this is how they will be positioned.

    • Recruit #3 on the first tile to the left
    • Recruit #4 on the first tile to the right
    • Recruit #2 on the third tile to the left
    • Recruit #5 on the third tile to the right
    • Recruit #1 on the fifth tile to the left
    • Recruit #6 on the fifth tile to the right

    This may sound broken, but if you plant the middle tile right against the side wall, you will be able to have all six of them spawn on the same lane. Three of them will just propregate right against the wall. However, it's kinda weird to do so, since having them all clumped up makes them highly vulnerable to splash. …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Oh times changed and right now, the epic card rankings are completely different . Now I’m gonna rank them all, from worst to best of course

    This one should explain for itself, who the heck uses mirror?!

    I know mirroring a card can give opponents more pressure to deal with, but out of all cards, mirror possibly have the worst problem out of all cards even if it’s definetely not the worst overall card

    That +1 elixir need to be removed if it wanted to be viable

    Who uses the Barbarian Barrel except for low arena users?

    The recent change did make it a lot better as now you can learn where the Barbarian Will spawn and attack, and it’s a good counter to archers

    The Log however is a much better option as it can knockback anything ground units, and the B…

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