“Two Barbarians holding a big log charge at the nearest building, dealing significant damage if they connect; then they go to town with their swords!”

The Battle Ram card is unlocked from Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3). It is a single-target, melee troop with both moderate hitpoints and damage. It targets buildings over other units. Like a Prince or Dark Prince, it will begin to charge towards its target after travelling some distance, and deals double damage if it hits its target whilst charging. Once the Battle Ram has hit a target or loses all its hitpoints, it will break and reveal the two Barbarians underneath. A Battle Ram card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


  • Due to its charging mechanic, the Battle Ram can push heavier and slower troops towards the Crown Tower faster. Likewise, the Battle Ram can be pushed by troops with at least a Fast movement speed before it begins to charge.
    • With this knowledge, the Battle Ram can be paired with the Ice Golem. The Ice Golem's death damage will slow melee defenders and fully defeat Skeletons or Bats, giving the Battle Ram a higher chance to connect to the tower.
  • Cards that have a stun effect or deal knockback are great supports to defend against a Battle Ram. The Bowler, Electro Wizard, and Electro Dragon in particular make great counters as they have attacks that can continually disrupt the Ram's charge and they will also take care of the Barbarians that spawn upon the Ram's destruction. They will have a majority of their health left for a counterpush.
  • The Ice Wizard's constant slow effect will make the Battle Ram take longer to charge up and reduce its speed once it does charge up, making it a good soft counter.
  • Swarms like the Skeleton Army will obstruct the path of the Battle Ram and deal enough damage to shut it down before it reaches the Crown Tower.
  • High damage mini tanks are effective at stopping the Ram by themselves. They will be able to destroy the Ram phase quickly, and have enough health to deal with the spawned Barbarians.
  • All buildings barring the Elixir Collector will shut down a Battle Ram. Tombstone and Cannon are positive Elixir trades, while spawners such as the Goblin Hut will rack up troop value.
    • The player can force a Tombstone user to use another card to counter the Barbarians by timing a cheap spell to immediately defeat the Skeletons that spawn upon the Tombstone's destruction.
  • Unlike most other building targeting troops, a Battle Ram's sight range is shorter than usual, at 5.5 tiles. This means that certain defensive building placements will not pull the ram, such as a Cannon placed four tiles from the bridge and three tiles from the defending Princess Tower. This is useful as it hampers the amount of space the opponent can cover in both lanes.
  • The Battle Ram works like a shield for the Barbarians carrying it in the sense that if the Battle Ram is destroyed in one blow, the Barbarians will have taken no damage, similar to a Dark Prince's shield.
  • The Ram itself can also be used to tank for units that don't survive a Lightning like a Musketeer or Witch, as it has more health than these units. However, keep in mind the opponent opponent will have two more strikes, and the spawned Barbarians do not have more health than either of these units. The defender should only do this if the unit they want to protect has lower health than the Barbarians, or if they know their opponent will attempt to clip the Crown Tower, allowing them to drop another tank in time.
  • If the Battle Ram is destroyed while it is under the effects of Freeze, the spawned Barbarians will not be frozen, making Freeze slightly less effective against this card.
  • If the player doesn't have any other counters to a high damage troop heading for their tower, they can use the Battle Ram as a last-resort distraction card as the Ram will soak up any powerful attacks, like a Sparky blast, and then spawn two Barbarians to help clean up.
  • Since the Battle Ram by itself can do more damage to a Crown Tower than a Hog Rider when ignored, it may be a good idea to deploy this card in the other lane to pressure the opponent into spending Elixir to defend against it.
  • An effective strategy is to pair the Battle Ram with the Dark Prince because they both charge and therefore will be aligned with each other. The Dark Prince will also take out any swarms that would normally shut down the Battle Ram.
    • A Minion Horde can shut down this combination, since the Dark Prince cannot attack air troops.
  • The Battle Ram can be used on defense to kite non-building targeting melee units to the other lane, similar to an Ice Golem. Bear in mind that Battle Ram will start charging after 3.5 tiles however, so slower units such as P.E.K.K.A. will eventually lose sight of the Ram and will not be kited the whole way.
  • A Battle Ram is a passable distraction card for an X-Bow. Since there is a slight time between the Battle Ram being destroyed and the Barbarians being spawned where neither unit exist, similar to Skeleton Barrel, the X-Bow will proceed to lock on to the Crown Tower if there is no other troop in sight, making it a bit inconsistent as it will require more support.


  • The Battle Ram was showcased in a Special Event Challenge that started on 3/2/2017. In this challenge, players will build a deck with the Battle Ram, and anyone achieving at least 5 wins will be rewarded with guaranteed Battle Rams, in addition to the normal prizes. Similarly to the Electro Wizard Challenge, if the player won at least 1 Battle Ram in the challenge, they would be able to obtain more Battle Ram cards from other Chests before its general release.
  • The Battle Ram was then generally released on 10/2/17.
  • On 11/8/17, a Balance Update increased the distance required to initiate charging by 1 tile (to 4 tiles from 3 tiles) and delayed the Barbarians' spawning by 0.2 seconds (from 0.8 seconds after the Battle Ram breaks to 1 second).
  • On 4/6/18, a Balance Update increased the Barbarians' hit speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec) and made the Battle Ram affected by all forms of pushback.
  • On 20/6/18, a Balance Update decreased the distance required to charge to 3.5 tiles (from 4 tiles). It also moved the Arena to unlock this card from Builder's Workshop (Arena 6) to Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
  • On 7/1/19, a Balance Update decreased the Ram's charge damage by 11%.
  • On 4/3/19, a Balance Update decreased the Barbarians' hitpoints by 13%.


  • It's one of the 5 cards associated with Barbarians, the others being Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, Barbarian Hut, and Barbarian Barrel.
  • The Battle Ram is the first Rare card to have its own challenge.
  • 2 Barbarians are worth 2 Elixir, meaning the ram is 2 Elixir without its Barbarians.
  • It's one of four cards that have a charge, the other three being the Prince, the Dark Prince, and the Ram Rider. The Battle Ram is the only Rare card to charge and its charge resists the Tornado best out of the charges of the four.
  • It is the only grounded building-targeting unit with a 5.5 tile sight range, the same as most melee units. This is shorter than all other building chasers, so 4-3 placements do not distract the Battle Ram.
  • Unlike its counterpart in Clash of Clans, the Clash Royale Battle Ram spawns 2 Barbarians (instead of 4) upon death, and it targets all buildings.
  • The Battle Ram is one of the nine troop cards that inspired a troop in Clash of Clans, along with the Miner, the Baby Dragon, the Ice Wizard, the Bomber, the Skeleton Barrel, the Night Witch, the Giant Skeleton, and the Ice Golem.


Battle Ram Attributes

Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
4Medium (60)1 sec0.5 (Melee: Short)Buildingsx1GroundTroopRare

Barbarian Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
1.4 secMedium (60)0.7 (Melee: Short)Groundx2Ground

Card Statistics

Battle Ram Hitpoints
Icons stats hp
Battle Ram Damage
Icons stats dmg
Battle Ram Charge Damage
Icons stats boost
Barbarian Hitpoints
Icons stats hp
Barbarian Damage
Icons stats dmg
Barbarian Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
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