“With each attack, she unleashes a powerful healing aura that restores Hitpoints to herself and friendly Troops. When she isn't attacking, she passively heals herself!”

The Battle Healer card is unlocked from the Spooky Town (Arena 12). She is a single-target, melee troop with high hitpoints and low damage. A Battle Healer card costs 4 Elixir to deploy. She wears armor that is similar to the Knight's, but her breastplate is a golden color, and her sword is rather short.

She has a continuous healing effect that takes effect when she attacks, having four healing pulses with a small delay of 0.25 seconds between each one. When she is not fighting any unit for five seconds, she will begin healing herself. The amount of health healed per pulse is not consistent with the Heal spell.


  • Although she has low damage per second, her healing effect and high hitpoints will allow her to take out over half of a Princess Tower's hitpoints when left ignored, so she must be addressed.
  • Strong counters to a lone Battle Healer include mini tanks and swarms. The former will be able to out-damage her healing effect and survive with most of their health left for a counterpush, while the latter will overwhelm her due to her slow attack speed and low damage per hit.
    • The Ice Golem cannot counter her due to its inability to attack units. However, in a larger push, it can be useful to kite her and other support troops into the other lane to separate them from the large tank and take advantage of the other Princess Tower's damage.
  • Air troops like Minions or Bats are effective counters to the Battle Healer, since she cannot attack air. Furthermore, these air troops can deal more damage than the amount she can heal herself. Be careful, though, because your opponent may bring spells like Zap or Arrows to take out these counters.
  • On defense, the Battle Healer works best with troops that are not immediately defeated from most spells, like the Hunter. Her healing effect will gradually build up as the push is taken care of, negating most of the spell damage dealt to the unit, allowing for a powerful counterpush.
  • She is best placed at the front of a push due to her health pool and the fact that her area heal only takes place when she is in combat.
    • She can also be placed behind another tank. She will engage slightly later, but her surviving time will be longer and allow her to heal other troops longer.
    • She has a great synergy with the Elixir Golem. The Elixir Golem tanks for her, then she tanks for the Golemites and the Blobs while also healing them so your opponent will have more trouble gaining Elixir.
  • If the player has air units such as Minion Horde that they'd like to counterattack with, they should be mindful of where they are on the map before deciding to use the Battle Healer. She moves at a Medium speed, meaning Minions will outpace her fairly quickly, and may end up going in front of the Battle Healer and reducing the effectiveness of the push.


  • The Battle Healer was made available before its general release on 2/12/19 via the Trophy Road, at 5150 and 6450 Trophies respectively.
    • She was also available in a Special Challenge on December 2nd as a reward for reaching 5 wins and 11 wins.
    • She was again available in a follow-up special challenge on December 23rd as a reward for reaching 3 wins and 9 wins.
  • On 3/12/19, the card description for the Battle Healer was changed slightly. It used to say, "With each attack, she unleashes a powerful healing aura that restores Hitpoints to friendly Troops. Outside of combat she passively heals herself!"
  • On 5/5/20, a Balance Update decreased the Battle Healer's hitpoints by 10%.


  • The Battle Healer was originally intended to, along with the Royal Ghost , be released with a new hover mechanic where they could float over the river, but still be hit by ground-targeting attackers. This was pulled back when a bug that made her invulnerable to ground-targeting splash such as Mega Knight and Sparky was discovered.
  • The Battle Healer is the only winged troop in the game that is not actually flying.
  • The Battle Healer is the first Card to use the Level Boost mechanic: players can use the Card at the level equal to their own King Level for one Season.


Battle Healer Attributes

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
41.5 secMedium (60)1 secMelee: LongGroundx1GroundTroopRare

Passive Healing Attributes

Heal Speed
Icons stats hp
First Heal Delay
Time Between Pulses
Icons stats deploy time
Icons stats target
2 pulses every 1 sec5 sec without attacking0.5 secSelf

Active Healing Attributes

Heal Speed
Icons stats hp
Time Between Pulses
Icons stats deploy time
Icons stats radius
Icons stats target
4 pulses every 1.5 sec0.25 sec4Air & Ground

Card Statistics

Icons stats hp
Icons stats dmg
Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
Passive healing per pulse
Icons stats hp
Passive healing per second
Icons stats boost heal
Active healing per pulse
Icons stats hp
Active healing per second
Icons stats boost heal
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