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Banner Box

Battle Banners are a cosmetic that appears in the Player Profile of each player. They also appear on the splash screen when a battle starts.

Battle Banners are unlocked upon reaching King Level 7.


Battle Banners are made up of three elements:

  1. The Frame which acts as a background element;
  2. The Decoration which acts as a foreground element;
  3. And the Badges which are displayed at the bottom. A player can equip up to 3 Badges in a Battle Banner. Badges can be obtained by completing certain Achievements and Card Mastery tasks.


Initially, the player is given 3 Frames and 3 Decorations to start creating their own Battle Banner. Additional Banner items can be obtained from the Diamond Pass, from offers in the Shop, and by opening Banner Boxes.

In order to open a Banner Box, the player needs to collect 100 Banner Tokens. Banner Tokens can be obtained from the Season Shop or by completing the 3rd Card Mastery Tasks for Cards. Players are also given 100 Banner Token for free upon reaching King Level 7. Players can hold a maximum of 200 Banner Token at any time, and in case the player’s Banner Tokens were to exceed the limit, they are forced to open a Banner Box. Provided the player has obtained all seasonal Banner items, the Banner Tokens are allowed to exceed 200 Banner Token for the current season.

Additionally, players can open Banner Boxes by spending Gems. The cost for the first Banner Box is 50 Gem, after which each gemmed Banner Box will cost 50 Gem more than the previous one. Every new season the Gem costs will be reset back to 50 Gems.

Banner Boxes hold seasonal Banner Frames and Decorations which are exclusive to their respective seasons. There is a limit of 8 Banner items that can be collected every season. After obtaining a specific Banner item, it cannot appear again in another Banner Box.

Offers for exclusive Banner items can appear in the Shop which can be purchased for Gems or real money. Starting Season 46, the Diamond Pass Royale holds exclusive animated Banner items on Tier 49. In addition, certain Banner Items can be found sold in the Season Shop. Exclusive Banner items can also be won in Special Challenges.

Frame List[]

Frame Description
Orange Checks Frame
Orange Checks
A classic orange.
Green Checks Frame
Green Checks
A classic green.
Purple Checks Frame
Purple Checks
A classic purple.
Purple Skulls Frame
Purple Skulls
Considering how they're made, these skulls are surprisingly cute.
Butterflies Frame
This is probably what the inside of P.E.K.K.A's brain looks like.
Arrows Frame
Sharp, straight, shootable.
Swords Frame
A mural to the trusty sword!
Clouds Frame
Calm and peaceful.
Cracked Frame
Maybe the Arena isn't the best place to store your teacups.
In The Pit Frame
In The Pit
Two Kings enter. One King leaves!
Syrupy Dreams Frame
Syrupy Dreams
There's nothing more sweet than a magical vortex of syrup.
Puzzling Pattern Frame
Puzzling Pattern
Where have you seen this design before?
Tiled Crowns Frame
Tiled Crowns
This is actually a sample of wallpaper from the Blue King's bedroom.
Arena View Frame
Arena View
The stands, the crowd, the cheers. There's no better feeling.
Tidal Frame
The waves surrounding the Clan War Colosseum are some of the biggest around.
Lava Land Frame
Lava Land
The floor is lava! Literally. Don't fall in.
Picturesque Pixels Frame
Picturesque Pixels
Anyone else got this sudden urge to walk from left to right and jump on people's heads?
Pushing For Pixels Frame
Pushing For Pixels
The world is changing! As always, the Barbarians want to charge into it headfirst!
Pixel Hut Frame
Pixel Hut
There's a Goblin inside who sells mysterious wares. Definitely not stolen. Nope.
Barrel Print Frame
Barrel Print
Are these Goblin Barrels, or Barbarian Barrels?
Banging Background Frame
Banging Background
A perfect frame for those with an explosive disposition.
Luscious Land Frame
Luscious Land
This looks like a great place for a nap. Or a picnic. Is there such thing as a picnap?
Steamy Stew Frame
Steamy Stew
In his spare time, the Executioner dabbles with cooking! Don't worry - he's vegetarian.
Golden Sky Frame
Golden Sky
A cool breeze and falling leaves.
Festival Lights Frame
Festival Lights
Light adorn the Arena during Clash Fest!
Festival Fireworks Frame
Festival Fireworks
What better way to celebrate Clash Fest than with fireworks? Firecracker puts on a good show.
Festival Party Frame
Festival Party
Large crowds have gathered from all over for Clash Fest.
Blossom Battle Frame
Blossom Battle
It's best to not dress up as an Oni when there's an archer around!
Beach Vibing Frame
Beach Vibing
When they're not battling in the Arena, Troops like to take some time off to battle at the beach instead.
Hog Charge Frame
Hog Charge
A pack of celebrating Royal Hogs is a sight to behold! Just don't get in their way.
Yellow Pattern Frame
Yellow Pattern
A funky yellow pattern.
Blue Pattern Frame
Blue Pattern
A funky blue pattern.
Massive Moon Frame
Massive Moon
The moon sure getas big around Clash-O-Ween...
Fire Cavern Frame
Fire Cavern
Dripping with lava and flame pits. It makes for a great sauna.
Hognado Frame
Hogs in a Tornado. Hognado. Simply stunning.
This is Clash-O-Ween Frame
This is Clash-O-Ween
Candy corn delivered by Bats and the sky is ... purple? Yep, it's Clash-O-Ween alright.
Fightening Forest Frame
Fightening Forest
A spooky setting, a haunted hollow, a worrying woods, terrifying trees... I'm running out of alliteration here. You get the idea, it's scary.
Pumpkin Patch Frame
Pumpkin Patch
If it wasn't full of terrifying Jack-O-Lantern's, this would make for a nice postcard.
Ghoulish Graveyard Frame
Ghoulish Graveyard
Legend has it that numerous video games are buried here...
Spooky Town Frame
Spooky Town
If there's one thing that qualifies a town as being spooky, it's ghosts soaring from the rooftops.
Ram Print Frame
Ram Print
An interesting choice for any background.
Lotus Print Frame
Lotus Print
Don't eat them.
Risky Rascals Frame
Risky Rascals
This golden dragon would be breathing fire right now, if it wasn't for a mouth full of Double Trouble Gum.
Target Range Frame
Target Range
Bonus points if you can hit a heart on the underwear!
Magma Monsters Frame
Magma Monsters
Deep in the heart of an ancient volcano, live the Lava Hounds.
Peaceful Plateau Frame
Peaceful Plateau
A perfect place for monk to get some serious meditation done.
Wild Waterfall Frame
Wild Waterfall
You'd be surprised how many times Barbarians try to float over this in a barrel.
Silent Sanctuary Frame
Silent Sanctuary
The best bit about a Silent Sanctuary? You can hear Royal Ghost coming a mile away.
Bamboo Shoots Frame
Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo scores! Terrible joke, sorry. Hopefully the nice background makes up for it.
Weathered Sanctuary Frame
Weathered Sanctuary
The problem with such a secluded Arena is that there's no-one to tidy it up before a battle!
Waterlogged Frame
This is what happens when you get a Goblin to do your plumbing.
Snowflakes Frame
A perfect pattern for fans of winter.
Clashmas Pattern Frame
Clashmas Pattern
A perfect pattern for fans of Clashmas.
Lightning Bolts Frame
Lightning Bolts
Absolutely shocking.
Spot the Dragon Frame
Spot the Dragon
OK, that was easy.
Clouds2 Frame
It's just Clouds. Nice.
Starry, Starry Night Frame
Starry, Starry Night
The moon shines extra bright on a night like this.
Clashmas Skies Frame
Clashmas Skies
The calming snow makes everything better.
Winter Vibes Frame
Winter Vibes
A fresh look for winter Battle Banners.
Clashmas Presents Frame
Clashmas Presents
Someone lucked out with the presents this year!
Snowy Scene Frame
Snowy Scene
Snowflakes and lights, it's Clashmas alright!
Clashmas Conveyor Frame
Clashmas Conveyor
This contraption delivers Clashmas cheer from the workshop directly to Santa Hog Rider's sleigh!
Wonderful Workshop Frame
Wonderful Workshop
This is where all of the Clashmas gifts are made!
Candy Cyclone Frame
Candy Cyclone
You better watch out, you better not cry, those candy canes hurt and you'll get sugar in your eye.
Clashmas Village Frame
Clashmas Village
A cosy holiday scene.
Crest Collage Frame
Crest Collage
This pattern is known to CLASH with a lot of colors.
Blue Stars Frame
Blue Stars
An interesting choice for any Frame.
Tree-mendous Frame
That's a lot of trees.
Gems Galore Frame
Gems Galore
There's a rich duck somewhere who would love to dive into these.
Pancakes! Frame
Delicious floating pancakes.
Foggy Forest Frame
Foggy Forest
Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. And sometimes you just can't see the forest because it's foggy.
Amazing Aurora Frame
Amazing Aurora
At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your Battle Banner?
Delicious Design Frame
Delicious Design
Goblin Grape, Elixir Eclair, Clash Chocolate, or Princess Peppermint?
Crystalline Frame
This formation looks too perfect to be natural. Maybe an Ice Wizard helped?
Snow Scene Frame
Snow Scene
Something about a snow-covered forest just looks so cool. No pun intented.
Sun & Snow Frame
Sun & Snow
It feels weird to wear sunglasses when it's cold out, but it helps!
Setting Sun Frame
Setting Sun
As the sun sets on another year, a new one emerges.
Celebration Road Frame
Celebration Road
This path is paved with parties bringing in the new year!
Bunnies Everywhere! Frame
Bunnies Everywhere!
Where are they all coming from?
Goofy Goblins Frame
Goofy Goblins
Goblins of all shapes and sizes.
Red vs Blue Frame
Red vs Blue
Goblins vs. Skeletons. Who will win?
Tranquil Tree Frame
Tranquil Tree
Ribbons attached to this tree flow freely in the wind.
Music Makers Frame
Music Makers
Two Goblins perform music for a closed audience.
Mountain Skies Frame
Mountain Skies
This striking scene is inspired by traditional art.
Arrow Pattern Frame
Arrow Pattern
For the casual arrow enjoyer.
Heart Pattern Frame
Heart Pattern
A Frame for lovers.
Blue Sky Thinking Frame
Blue Sky Thinking
The sky is the limit!
Spring Arena Frame
Spring Arena
Ahh, what a beautiful day for a Duel.
Purple Haze Frame
Purple Haze
This mist rises from the Arena whenever Mother Witch is near. Creepy.
Floating Hearts Frame
Floating Hearts
Love is in the air! No wait, it's just some hearts shaped like clouds. Nothing to see here.
XOXO Frame
Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Frame.
Clash Classroom Frame
Clash Classroom
Who's been drawing on the desks? The King's gonna be mad!
Clear Skies Frame
Clear Skies
You can see for miles when the skies are this empty.
Sky Love Frame
Sky Love
Love is in the air! Literally. Look, it's right there.
Sparkly Hearts Frame
Sparkly Hearts
There's a whole lotta love in this Frame!
Elixir Leak Frame
Elixir Leak
This Frame takes drip to the next level.
Crossed Swords Frame
Crossed Swords
En garde!
Wicked Waves Frame
Wicked Waves
These waves look like they're reaching towards something. Creepy.
Ride the Lightning Frame
Ride the Lightning
The electro power flashes before your eyes.
Bombed Battlefield Frame
Bombed Battlefield
This Royal Recruit could need some backup!
Birthday Banner Frame
Birthday Banner
Cakes n' Candles!
Birthday Battle Frame
Birthday Battle
I don't think the Troops understand the meaning of 'birthday bash'.
Goblin Dance Music Frame
Goblin Dance Music
You might not be ready for GDM yet, but your kids are gonna love it.
Present Plains Frame
Present Plains
That sword-shaped present looks cool. I wonder who it's for...
Celebration Camp Frame
Celebration Camp
Fireworks and cloth tents seem like a great mix!
Giftsplosion! Frame
Look out!
Dancefloor Frame
The best place to vibe to some GDM (Goblin Dance Music).
Disco Ball Frame
Disco Ball
It's so shiny...
Party Palms Frame
Party Palms
Palm Trees on the dance floor. Sure, why not.
Shooting Stars Frame
Shooting Stars
What sort of magic is this?
Goblin Ravers Frame
Goblin Ravers
You don't want to know how sweaty it is in there. Stay hydrated!
El Clashico Red Frame
El Clashico Red
Part of the Red team in the 2023 El Clashico event!
El Clashico Blue Frame
El Clashico Blue
Part of the Blue team in the 2023 El Clashico event!
Target Frame
This Frame sure hits the spot.
Musket Frame
A repeating pattern for a Musketeer fan.
Welcome to the Jungle Frame
Welcome to the Jungle
Goblins use this ancient temple to worship... something. Anyone investigating the ruins has never been seen again!
Creepy Castle Frame
Creepy Castle
Despite its scary exterior, the inside is quite cozy. Lots of bat-shaped cushions.
Explosive Environment Frame
Explosive Environment
Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
Mystery Chest Frame
Mystery Chest
What use is a fantasy forest without an alluring treasure chest in it?
Rushing Lights Frame
Rushing Lights
This is actually a Goblin being swung around really fast by a Giant.
Training Ground Frame
Training Ground
This patch of forest has been cleared to make way for archery training.
Pro Range Frame
Pro Range
It's time to take it up a notch.
Rookie Range Frame
Rookie Range
Practice here to get a headstart.
...Fire! Frame
A direct hit!
Simple Scenery Frame
Simple Scenery
This place looks strangely familiar...
Riverside Frame
Watch out for sleeping Barbarians in the long grass!
Egg Hunt Frame
Egg Hunt
They're not very well hidden.
Flowery Hills Frame
Flowery Hills
There's one egg hidden here. Can you find it?
Spring Field Frame
Spring Field
Not to be confused with the state that borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky.
Blossoming Skyline Frame
Blossoming Skyline
Are they stars or cherry blossoms? Either way, they're a treat for the eye.
Cherry Blossom Party Frame
Cherry Blossom Party
The perfect season to spend time with family and friends.
Sakura Steppin' Frame
Sakura Steppin'
For once, the Goblins are having fun without causing mischief!
Sakura City Frame
Sakura City
These Skeletons have never smelled so good!
Trophy Print Frame
Trophy Print
A great Frame for the competitive player.
Skull Frame
Skull Frame
Witch asked for this one specifically.
Elixir Arena Frame
Elixir Arena
This Arena is the landing site of the mysterious Elixir Golem. Local residents say the purple glow is like a color out of space...
Blue Sky Frame
Blue Sky
Don't you know, it's a beautiful new day!
Flower Fight Frame
Flower Fight
Shhh, don't disturb them. This is the one time the Royal Recruits aren't in some horrible danger.
Dream House Frame
Dream House
It's like a dream...
Michaelhamgelo Frame
The opposite of an uncultured swine.
Ram Salon Frame
Ram Salon
There's a few copies of Grass Weekly on the table if you need some reading material.
Hog Hut Frame
Hog Hut
What's inside?
Waterfall Frame
The temptation to walk through it to find a treasure chest is overwhelming!
Training Stones Frame
Training Stones
These stones help to refine Monk's combat skills through balance and patience.
Gloomy Gate Frame
Gloomy Gate
Couldn't this trip have waited until morning?
Archer Defense Frame
Archer Defense
What kind of a machine is that?!
Mother's Curse Frame
Mother's Curse
Don't enter the smoke!
Hammer Throw Frame
Hammer Throw
That's not what hammer throw is! This is very unsportsmanlike.
Battle-Scarred Frame
This Hog has been through it.
Castle Walls Frame
Castle Walls
These walls protect the Blue King!
Hole In The Wall Frame
Hole In The Wall
Those Giant Skeletons make quite an impact.
Bombarians Frame
Barbarians have no fear. Or brains.
Skelly Steppin' Frame
Skelly Steppin'
I don't know what I've been told, but being a Skeleton never gets old!
Dagger Design Frame
Dagger Design
Made by Goblins, for Goblins.
Purple Checks2 Frame
Purple Checks
If you squint hard enough, it kinda looks like the Arena.
Electro Activation Frame
Electro Activation
One, two, three, four, FIVE new ones. Now can I have one?
Fireballed Frame
This is the last thing you see before you get a Fireball to the face.
Baby Hog Frame
Baby Hog
Is the Hog tiny or is that Tower massive?
Rock Shock Frame
Rock Shock
This banner goes all the way to 11.
Rowdy Crowd Frame
Rowdy Crowd
Everyone's welcome at this concert! Just don't try to start a mosh pit with P.E.K.K.A.
Hardcore Fans Frame
Hardcore Fans
They waited 3 days to be at the front row. Don't they have jobs?!
File:Crowd Pleaser Frame.png
Crowd Pleaser
Everyone cheers when Golden Knight enters the Arena!
Manta Waves Frame
Manta Waves
It's just like that part in that movie!
Cat Cosmos Frame
Cat Cosmos
Not pictured: the pile of fragile things they just pushed off the Cosmos' table.
Toadally Awesome Frame
Toadally Awesome
Well hello there. What brings you to our pond?
Rainbows & Sunshine Frame
Rainbow & Sunshine
I heard rumours of lollipops around here somewhere?
Sunshine & Rainbows Frame
Sunshine & Rainbows
Good vibes only.
Bomb Background Frame
Bomb Background
This background would be welcome at Clash-O-Ween!
Hog Hammers Frame
Hog Hammers
Yes, we know what time it is. No, we are not going to say it.
The Chains That Bind Frame
The Chains That Bind
We have such sights to show you...
Night Vision Frame
Night Vision
Why does everything look cooler at night?
Magic Winds Frame
Magic Winds
Something magical is afoot.
Evolution Horde Frame
Evolution Horde
There are dozens of them... dozens!
Evo Explosion Frame
Evo Explosion
It looks like Firecracker has been busy testing out her new weapon.
Fortress of Sharditude Frame
Fortress of Sharditude
Is this where Card Evolutions go when they need a break?
Grassy Ground Frame
Grassy Ground
The last thing a Mortar Goblin seese before he makes his ...graceful... landing.
Stage Left Frame
Stage Left
Or is it stage right?
Mosh Evolution Frame
Mosh Evolution
Push pits or spin kicks? The mosh pit is evolving!
Stage View Frame
Stage View
For Those About To Evolve (We Salute You)
Stage Evolution Frame
Stage Evolution
Adding flames to the stage was a great upgrade. Just need to make sure there are no Ice Spirits about...
Pink Pattern Frame
Pink Pattern
*Actually* it's more of a magenta.
Phoenix Crest Frame
Phoenix Crest
Is it a coat of arms or a coat of wings?
Tower View Frame
Tower View
This is what the King see before climbing atop his Tower.
Blurry Background Frame
Blurry Background
POV: You're a Goblin who just got spun around ten times.
Cabin in the Woods Frame
Cabin in the Woods
Nothing creepy about this. Just a cabin in the middle of nowhere, next to a glowing purple river. Completely normal.
Barracks Banner Frame
Barracks Banner
Despite its cute looks, the Baby Dragon is an effective watchdog. Or is it a watchdragon?
Goblin Love Frame
Goblin Love
This isn't meant to be creepy. Goblins just have a weird way of showing affection!
Clash-A-Rama Crowd Frame
Clash-A-Rama Crowd
What are they watching?
Banner Evolution Frame
Banner Evolution
This background is evolving too!
Throne Room Frame
Throne Room
You'd think the Blue King would have more lavish chambers.
Clash-A-Rama Sunrise Frame
Clash-A-Rama Sunrise
The shape of these trees can only mean one thing... Clash!
Army Rush Frame
Army Rush
This is usually the last thing a Home Village sees before it is 3-starred!
Clash-A-Rama Arena Frame
Clash-A-Rama Arena
The iconic Arena in all its hand-drawn glory!
Hairy Frame
Whose eyebrows and moustache are these?
Candles Frame
No, you can't take these.
Chess Royale Frame
Chess Royale
"If you see a bad move, look for a worse one." - Old Goblin saying
Graveyard Groove Frame
Graveyard Groove
Why did the Skeleton not go to the party? He had no body to go with.
Electric Wheels Frame
Electric Wheels
One of these is not like the other...
Chess Storage Frame
Chess Storage
It's where old pieces go when they retire.
King of the Hogs Frame
King of the Hogs
Where did he get that crown?
Royal Pieces Frame
Royal Pieces
These bright colors are an intriguing change to the chess aesthetic!
File:Warzone Frame.png
This is a good time to have a fire extinguisher.
Center Stage Frame
Center Stage
The show must go on!
Tesla of Terror Frame
Tesla of Terror
Prepare to be shocked!
Spooky Sketches Frame
Spooky Sketches
These notes were taken in a hurry.
Witch Workshop Frame
Witch Workshop
The tools of the trade for any budding Night Witch. Scrolls, potions, and a gigantic axe!
Children of the Cornfield Frame
Children of the Cornfield
They're here to eat your pumpkins' brains!
File:Creepy Kingdom Frame.png
Creepy Kingdom
There's a popular saying around these parts... "Fear the Old Elixir".
Night of the Living P.E.K.K.A Frame
Night of the Living P.E.K.K.A
They're coming to get you, Barbarian!
Bat Attack Frame
Bat Attack
You've entered their territory...
Bar Shelf Frame
Bar Shelf
Stay away from the green stuff on the top shelf!
Tavern Entrance Frame
Tavern Entrance
Every hour is Happy Hour at the 10-Elixir Tavern.
Last Orders Frame
Last Orders
Get some Elixir for the road!
Stereo Shoot Frame
Stereo Shoot
What was Little Prince even shooting at? Those speakers aren't cheap, ya know!
Tavern Time Frame
Tavern Time
Royal Recruits love a cheeky pint of Elixir after work.
Cupid Clouds Frame
Cupid Clouds
A romantic Valentine's frame.
Pink Skies Frame
Pink Skies
The kingdom looks extra romantic here.
Heart-Shaped Hole Frame
Heart-Shaped Hole
It's a nice gesture, but come on! How much Gold is that going to cost to fix?
Heart Trails Frame
Heart Trails
The goverment, man, they're putting love chemicals in the Rocket trails! I swear it's a conspiracy, man!
Party Arena Frame
Party Arena
It's ready for a rave!
Electro Event Frame
Electro Event
Everyone's invited!
Royale Rave Frame
Royale Rave
The music is so loud it can be heard from the next Arena!
Spell Styling Frame
Spell Styling
For the Zap enthusiast.
Blossom Blades Frame
Blossom Blades
Daggers are blooming this spring.
Raining Blades Frame
Raining Blades
Raining daggers forecast!
Danger Thrones Frame
Danger Throne
Where daggers forge the royal seat.
Dagger Style Frame
Dagger Style
Dagger Rococo.
Crystal Caves Frame
Crystal Caves
'It's sharp and shiny and glittering - and it gets everywhere,'some Golem. Probably.
Sea OfGreen Frame
Sea of Green
It's easy to get lost in the crowd. That is if you're green and have pointy ears.
Major Mayhem Frame
Major Mayhem
Walk away and don't look back. For maximum cool points.
Goblin Hoard Frame
Goblin Hoard
All that glitters is not gold... unless it is gold, then i guess you're rich!
Pixel Jungle frame
Pixel Jungle
The jungle, as seen in video games from the 90's.
Shiny Stars Frame
Shiny Stars
For those bright and sparkly moments in life.

Decoration List[]

Decoration Description
Three Crowns Decoration
Three Crowns
Also known as 3-Crowning, these signify completely destroying your opponent in battle.
Target Practice Decoration
Target Practice
With a little luck, you might be able to hit something!
Duellist Decoration
Swords. Barbarians don't enter the Arena without them!
Golden Knight Decoration
Golden Knight
He's got a glorious sword, but even more glorious hair.
P.E.K.K.A Protector Decoration
P.E.K.K.A Protector
No one messes with her butterfly.
Precious Protector Decoration
Precious Protector
Skeletons will fight anyone who tries to attack their Witch. You won't want to mess with Larry.
Dart Dodge Decoration
Dart Dodge
Firing while moving is an important skill to have. Unfortunately Dart Goblin hasn't figured that out yet.
Cuppa Knight Decoration
Cuppa Knight
Picking up the cup is the easy bit. Try sipping elegantly through that helmet!
Prince's Dream Decoration
Prince's Dream
Prince always dreamed of having his very own unicorn. Superglue and a party hat made those dreams come true.
Attack On Bone Pit Decoration
Attack On Bone Pit
This titanic Skeleton won't eat you, but he *will* blow you up.
The Perfect Partner Decoration
The Perfect Partner
Those are some pretty SWEET moves.
Aiming Archer Decoration
Aiming Archer
No army is complete without these pink-haired snipers!
King's Cannon Decoration
King's Cannon
When the King activates his cannon, you know it's about to get interesting.
Hooked Decoration
Yes, that is a real anchor. Fisherman does NOT play around.
The Mightiest Miner Decoration
The Mightiest Miner
One word. MIGHTY!
Cold Corkscrew Decoration
Cold Corkscrew
I think I've seen this trick in a comic book before.
Pixel Barbarian Decoration
Pixel Barbarian
He keeps eating strange mushrooms saying they'll make him stronger. Sounds like he's had one too many blows to the head...
Pixel Power Up Decoration
Pixel Power Up
He has the POWER!
Pixel Paradox Decoration
Pixel Paradox
When an unstoppable hungry force meets an immovable hungry object.
Barbarian Barrel Decoration
Barbarian Barrel
Who knew putting a Barbarian inside a barrel would be such a great idea?
Royal Giant Decoration
Royal Giant
His crown is what sets him apart from the other Giants. That ... and a massive cannon.
Log Mower Decoration
Log Mower
Cut down enemies and your lawn with the new multi-purpose Log!
Executioner Decoration
The deadliest boomerang in the Arena.
Valkyrie Decoration
That smirk means she's about to slice something in half.
Ram Lighter Decoration
Ram Lighter
They'll dazzle you with lights, then dazzle you with a headbutt.
Strong Rider Decoration
Strong Rider
If you think he's muscly, wait until you see the Hog that he rides!
Mighty Cheers Decoration
Mighty Cheers
I didn't think we served drinks to Miners? ...I'll get my coat.
Kitsune Archer Decoration
Kitsune Archer
She is as agile as a fox and only gets more accurate with age.
Elite Sports Decoration
Elite Sports
Who says Elite Barbarians can only play Touchdown?
Hog Fighter Decoration
Hog Fighter
Who needs a hammer when you have two elbows and six knees?!
Royal Ghost Decoration
Royal Ghost
Don't wake him up or you'll find out why he sleeps with a sword under his pillow!
Graveyard Decoration
Has anyone seen a Poison spell around? The Skeletons are wrecking the Arena's grass!
Bats Decoration
Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing blue!
Flaming Furnace Decoration
Flaming Furnace
It may look cute, but a Fire Spirit's only desire in life is to jump on things and set them alight!
Mega Minion Decoration
Mega Minion
Who let the Minions into the armory?!
Pumpkin Barrage Decoration
Pumpkin Barrage
What a nice Dragon, sharing these pumpkins with us. Wait a second, are these explosive pumpkins?!
Headless Ponyman Decoration
Headless Ponyman
Even without his head, he's still the handsome Prince around.
P.U.M.P.K.I.N Decoration
Trick or treat!
Baby Bats Decoration
Baby Bats
They're so cute! Until they try to eat you.
Bat Gang Decoration
Bat Gang
Why does it look like they're about to sing a show time?
Ghost Bat Decoration
Ghost Bat
I'm not sure if this is cute or terrifying.
Witch Warrior Decoration
Witch Warrior
Those glowing eyes have seen thousands of battles.
Spooky Summoner Decoration
Spooky Summoner
She has fully embraced the spooky side of being a Witch.
Candy Witch Decoration
Candy Witch
It's probably best to just give her all of your candy, before more Skeletons start showing up.
Ram Rider Decoration
Ram Rider
Prepare to get headbutted, screamed at, and trampled. The Ram is pretty vicious too.
Monk Decoration
You don't want to be on the receiving end of Monk's combo!
Rascal Boy Decoration
Rascal Boy
Don't be fooled, that wooden sword really hurts.
Firecracker Decoration
This is what happens when an Archer starts questioning if the Blue King is really the good guy.
Butterfly Buddy Decoration
Butterfly Buddy
Despite her appearance, P.E.K.K.A is a big softie.
Cooling Off Decoration
Cooling Off
Even when he's not buried in snow, Monk is a pretty chill guy.
Blossom Bath Decoration
Blossom Bath
If Monk bathes in a forest and no one is around to see him, is he really clean?
Monktal Kombat Decoration
Monktal Kombat
What is the sound of one leg kicking? Probably "ouch".
Surprise! Decoration
Life finds a way. A really cute way, in this case.
Feathered Friend Decoration
Feathered Friend
If you had wings that were this photogenic, you'd show them off too.
Super Paper Phoenix Decoration
Super Paper Phoenix
It even has little paper falmer? AMAZING.
Ice Spirit Decoration
Ice Spirit
Ice to see you!
Heal Spirirt Decoration
Heal Spirit
Makes your pain go away!
She's Electric Decoration
She's Electric
This lady packs a punch!
Minions Decoration
Vicious winged beasts. They're hilarious at parties, though.
Goblin Barrel Decoration
Goblin Barrel
I cant't think of a better thing to put into a barrel. Maybe Barbarians.
Clashmas Prince Decoration
Clashmas Prince
The Prince's charge is also useful for delivering presents in record time!
Snowglobe Skeleton Decoration
Snowglobe Skeleton
Despite his penchant for destroying things, Giant Skeleton is a huge fan of fragile snowglobes.
Nutcracker King Decoration
Nutcracker King
He's not THE Nutcracker King. He's just a King who also happens to be a nutcracker.
Sharing is Caring Decoration
Sharing is Caring
What do you think is in the present?
Sleigh Rider Decoration
Sleigh Rider
No wonder Hog is so happy, they're usually the one giving people rides!
Gobblin' Goblin Decoration
Gobblin' Goblin
Candy canes are considered a healthy snack during Clashmas!
Santa Hog Rider Decoration
Santa Hog Rider
He knows if you've been naughty or nice!
Ho Ho Ho Rider Decoration
Ho Ho Ho Rider
That's a funny looking reindeer
Special Delivery Decoration
Special Delivery
The new 2.6 gift giving meta is OP.
Dark Prince Decoration
Dark Prince
He's like a regular Prince, but his armour makes him 20% cooler.
Battle Healer Decoration
Battle Healer
Damage dealer, Damage healer!
Hunter Badge Decoration
Hunter Badge
He's on the hunt!
Nap Break Decoration
Nap Break
It's hard work digging under the Arena all day.
Pancaked Decoration
It's rude to throw a pancake at somebody. Unless that somebody is Mini P.E.K.K.A!
Golem Sentry Decoration
Golem Sentry
You ever get the feeling you're being watched? It's probably Ice Golem.
Ice Buddies Decoration
Ice Buddies
Ice Golem may look mean, but he's just misunderstood.
Lolly Golem Decoration
Lolly Golem
If you tell a Goblin not to do something, they're going to do it.
Slam Dunk Decoration
Slam Dunk
This Ice Golem knows how to score. If score means slam a bunch of ice onto his opponents!
Snowy Greeting Decoration
Snowy Greeting
*waves in Ice Golem*
Icy Breath Decoration
Icy Breath
Ice Wizard has no need for mere chewing gum, he has the freshest breath around!
Battle Dragon Decoration
Battle Dragon
This Battle Ram just got an upgrade!
Magic Trick Decoration
Magic Trick
Not sure what's more impressive, the rabbit or the hair!
Bunny Barrage! Decoration
Bunny Barrage!
It's not advised to shoot bunnies from Cannons, but this one enjoys it!
Impostor Decoration
Day 24. I have earned the bunnies trust. They still do not realize I am a Goblin.
Goblin Drummer Decoration
Goblin Drummer
It's no wonder a Goblin loves playing the loudest instrument.
Riders Decoration
These two seem to have found new mounts!
Dancing Witch Decoration
Dancing Witch
The way she dances is mesmerizing.
King and Dragon Decoration
King and Dragon
Having a Baby Dragon as a scribe is a bold move. Let's see if it pays off.
Princess Decoration
She means business.
Love Arrows Decoration
Love Arrows
Don't shoot those at your Valentine. You'll give love a bad name.
Dragon Trio Decoration
Dragon Trio
There's a Queen somewhere who is a big fan of three dragons.
Golden Boy Decoration
Golden Boy
He's rather dashing, don't you think?
Mother Whoops Decoration
Mother Whoops
If there's one thing you don't want to spill, it's the cauldron full of magic goo that turns people into Cursed Hogs.
Love Bomber Decoration
Love Bomber
He will still blow you up, but just in a more loving way.
Goblin Kisses Decoration
Goblin Kisses
Goblin Giant is delivering roses for Valentine's. He's a gentle giant.
Lumber Love Decoration
Lumber Love
If you don't have a Valentine, why not make your own?
Rainbow Rascal Decoration
Rainbow Rascal
Love is for everyone.
Heartcher Decoration
Get it? Like Archer! But she shoots hearts instead of arrows! No? Never mind.
Goblin Cupid Decoration
Goblin Cupid
How a Goblin ended up being the poster boy for romance is a mystery!
Heart-Shaped Bomb Decoration
Heart-Shaped Bomb
Hay! Wait! Don't touch that, it's going to explode.
Lovestruck Decoration
There's no bond quite like a man and his hog.
Lumberjack Decoration
He's gone from chopping trees to chopping... me? Aaaaaarg.
Barbarian Rider Decoration
Barbarian Ride
What's more dangerous than an Elite Barbarian? An Elite Barbarian riding another Elite Barbarian, carrying two swords.
Gone Fishin' Decoration
Gone Fishin'
Time to give them the ol' Fish Slap.
Electro Spirit Decoration
Electro Spirit
What's an Electro Spirit's favorite ice cream flavor? Shock-a-lot.
Cannon Decoration
The little Cannon that could.
Birthday Barbarian Decoration
Birthday Barbarian
He made you a cake! It's... lovely.
Birthday Goblins Decoration
Birthday Goblins
It's going to be a wild party whenever these green guys are around!
Party Wizard Decoration
Party Wizard
He still thinks Disco is cool and keeps talking to his necktie.
Rascal Buffet Decoration
Rascal Buffet
Hey, they didn't pay for those cakes!
Birthday Baby Decoration
Birthday Baby
Who let Baby Dragon near the birthday cake?!
Gift Bringers Decoration
Gift Bringers
Beware of Minions bearing gifts!
G-Boy Decoration
Check out those moves! How does he keep his glasses on?
Party Goblins Decoration
Party Goblins
It's just Elixir in that cup, we promise.
Dance-Off Decoration
Disco is dead. Long live GDM!
Party Goblin Decoration
Party Goblin
Things are about to get weird!
Goblin Bouncer Decoration
Goblin Bouncer
The problem with Goblin ID cards is that they all look the same!
IRefrescante! Decoration
It's always nice to cool off after 3-Crowning your opponent.
C'est Magnifique! Decoration
C'est Magnifique!
A true artist always gets more paint of themselves than the canvas.
Archer Decoration
They always travel in pairs... I wonder where the other one is?
Musketeer Decoration
This is her boomstick!
Ooh... Shiny! Decoration
Ooh... Shiny!
Whatever this Goblin had found, it belonged in a museum. But it was sooo shiny...
Night Witch Decoration
Night Witch
Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies share my dread!
Ghostly Royale Decoration
Ghostly Royale
Has anyone seen his bed? He looks kinda sleepy...
Bad Directions Decoration
Bad Directions
In this case, two heads are not better than one.
Heave Ho! Decoration
Heave Ho!
The Rascal Girls could help, but then they wouldn't be rascals would they?
Sword Throw Decoration
Sword Throw
Barbarian laughs at your puny arrows!
Archer Acrobatics Decoration
Archer Acrobatics
It's not enough to be good at shooting arrows, you have to look cool while doing it!
Target Practice2 Decoration
Target Practice
Wait a second... shouldn't that be the Red King?!
Take Aim... Decoration
Take Aim...
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Simple Shot Decoration
Simple Shot
She makes it look easy!
Who's There? Decoration
Who's There?
Huh. Must have been the wind.
Electro Bunny Decoration
Electro Bunny
Most dragons hoard treasure. This one hoards chocolate eggs!
Electro Eggs Decoration
Electro Eggs
That bunny better run fast. Electro Dragon is a fiend for chocolate eggs.
Valk Smash Decoration
Valk Smash
That's one way to crack an egg.
Blossom Healer Decoration
Blossom Healer
Having wings makes it much easier to navigate the falling blossoms.
Spirit Snacks Decoration
Spirit Snacks
I do hope they actually are snacks.
Petal P.E.K.K.A Decoration
Petal P.E.K.K.A
The pink blossoms perfectly compliment the deadly spike on her armor. So wholesome.
Petal Princess Decoration
Petal Princess
Even royalty can enjoy the peaceful calm of the cherry blossoms falling.
Goblin Referee Decoration
Goblin Referee
Interference? Traveling? Fault? Offside..? What game are we playing here?!
Skeleton Barrel Decoration
Skeleton Barrel
It's like a barrel of monkeys. Except its full of creepy, undead, skeletons. So, not really.
Elixir Golem Decoration
Elixir Golem
Elixir Golem SMASH!
Flying Machine Decoration
Flying Machine
It flies and it's a machine. What more do you want?
Princely Greeting Decoration
Princely Greeting
Isn't he a charmer?
Dragon Dreams Decoration
Dragon Dreams
Sometimes you forget that Baby Dragon is actually a baby.
Rock Rider Decoration
Rock Rider
His abs already looked like they were cut from stone. Now they literally are.
Fresh Cut Decoration
Fresh Cut
Monk hands out fades inside AND outside of the Arena.
Story Time Decoration
Story Time
Once upon a time...
Spa Day Decoration
Spa Day
Nothing like a soothing spa after winning a Sudden Death Battle.
It's Monkin' Time Decoration
It's Monkin' Time
The best part of Monk is when he said 'It's Monkin' Time' and Monked all over those guys.
Hog Life Decoration
Hog Life
There's always a bigger fish.
Friendly Fire Decoration
Friendly Fire
Hey! Watch where you're shooting those things.
Cursed! Decoration
OK, this is awkward...
Dizzy Terry Decoration
Dizzy Terry
Luckily, Terry is used to using his head to hit things. Or is it getting his head hit by things? He can never remember.
Hog Riders Decoration
Hog Riders
It's alright Terry. Give it a few more Books of Clash and you'll have muscles like this.
Deadly Trio Decoration
Deadly Trio
These three will make short work of any foe.
Warrior Women Decoration
Warrior Women
These two form a formidable defense.
Backpack, Backpack Decoration
Backpack, Backpack
Not the safest place to hitch a ride, but I'm sure they know what they're doing.
Swift Summon Decoration
Swift Summon
Rise my glorious creation, rise!
Goblin Decoration
He's up to no good...
P.A.N.C.A.K.E Decoration
It would be a shame to eat this! But it looks so delicious...
Finger Guns Decoration
Finger Guns
Don't tell him they're not real guns. He'll zap you.
Fire Spirit Decoration
Fire Spirit
Where's its flame gone?
Eye of the Beholder Decoration
Eye of the Beholder
Poor Prince. At least he will have the body to match that face in a curse or two!
Punk Barb Decoration
Punk Barb
No one can understand what he's saying at the best of times. He's a perfect punk singer.
Kissable Faces Decoration
Kissable Faces
Any similarity to real bands (or tongues) is purely conicidental.
Front Skeleton Decoration
Front Skeleton
This guy brings a whole new meaning to the genre of 'death metal'.
File:Good Knight Decoration.png
Good Knight
It's what your enemies will be saying when they're on the receiving end of that sword! Plus it's a pun. Excellent.
Manta Ray Decoration
Manta Ray
Thank you for doing your part to raise awereness for the environment during the Green Game Jam 2023!
Snow Leopard Decoration
Snow Leopard
Thank you for doing your part to raise awereness for the environment during the Green Game Jam 2023!
Harlequin Toad Decoration
Harlequin Toad
Thank you for doing your part to raise awereness for the environment during the Green Game Jam 2023!
Allies Decoration
Despite their differences, Battle Healer and Bandit respect each other.
Rainbow Witch Decoration
Rainbow Witch
Witch takes pride in her appearance.
Giant Skeleton Decoration
Giant Skeleton
What's more dangerous? His fist or the bomb?
Hog Rider Decoration
Hog Rider
Get yourself a man who looks at you like this.
Goblin Brawler Decoration
Goblin Brawler
He's out again? We really need to fire whoever is in charge of making the bars for the Goblin Cage.
Graveyard Gang Decoration
Graveyard Gang
Whose idea was it to bury these Troops with sharp swords?
Phoenix Hatching Decoration
Phoenix Hatching
What came first, the Phoenix or the egg?
Lost in the Elixir Decoration
Lost in the Elixir
I... don't think you're meant to drink the Dark Elixir.
Firecracker Evolution Decoration
Firecracker Evolution
That Dark Elixir drop has magical potential...
Evo Life Decoration
Evo Life
Livin' that evo life.
Flying Gobbo Decoration
Flying Gobbo
Those are tears of joy. What? They are!
Barbarians Evolution Decoration
Barbarians Evolution
Better than the best Barbarian.
Firecracker Evolution2 Decoration
Firecracker Evolution
That makeshift rocket has one heck of a recoil!
Royal Giant Evolution Decoration
Royal Giant Evolution
You don't want to be on the receiving end of that cannon.
Skeletons Evolution Decoration
Skeletons Evolution
That's a nice sword! What's the drop rate on that?
Firecracker2 Decoration
She's ready to cuase some mischief.
Phoenix Decoration
This bird is looking for its next target!
Sword Decoration
A simple, but effective, weapon.
Darts Decoration
Dart Goblin handcrafts all of his projectiles. It takes ages.
Witch Attack Decoration
Witch Attack
Many a Skeleton has been bonked on the skull with this staff.
Raw Strength Decoration
Raw Strength
Do you even lift, Barb?
Separated at Birth Decoration
Separated at Birth
It's just two Valkyries, right?
Magic Trick2 Decoration
Magic Trick
They're not tricks, they're illusions.
Knight Evolution Decoration
Knight Evolution
Not only is he now armed with a beard, but some new armor too!
Sweet Dreams Decoration
Sweet Dreams
There's nothing quite like the cosy warmth of a Baby Dragon pillow.
Hogley Davriderson Decoration
Hogley Davriderson
That exhaust smells funny.
Clash-A-Barba Decoration
There's one of each!
Mirror Image Decoration
Mirror Image
Mirror mirror, in my hand, who's the strongest Barbarian in the land?
Knight Decoration
Good stats for the cost.
Mining Decoration
Grandmaster Decoration
He can see through time AND space.
Tragic Toast Decoration
Tragic Toast
Cheers... from beyond the grave!
Electro Wizard Decoration
Electro Wizard
Don't worry, it's not impolite to decline a handshake from this guy.
Pink Pieces Decoration
Pink Pieces
Everyone looks up to the Queen.
Chibi Chess Decoration
Chibi Chess
Chess, but make it cute.
Princely Knight Decoration
Princely Knight
When the Knight is also a Prince. Confusing.
File:Royal Reinforcements Decoration.png
Royal Reinforcements
What's better than having one friend for backup? Having five
Chibi Firecracker Decoration
Chibi Firecracker
Adorably annoying or annoyingly adorable?
Freaky Fisherman Decoration
Freaky Fisherman
Is that fish re-animated? It's looking at you...
Frankenbat Decoration
ACTUALLY, Frankenbat is the name of the doctor. This is Frankenbat's monster.
Spectral Summoner Decoration
Spectral Summoner
Hubble bubble, Bats and trouble...
Trick or Treat! Decoration
Trick or Treat!
Pumpkin spiced bat, anyone?
File:Bat Hangs Decoration.png
Bat Hangs
When Bats ask you to hang out, this is probably what they have in mind.
Skelly King Decoration
Skelly King
He's great fun when there's a piñata around.
Tales from the Witch Decoration
Tales from the Witch
Welcome, boils and ghouls, to a terrifying tale from Mother Witch's storybook...
Cocktail Wizard Decoration
Cocktail Wizard
He'll serve you up some fabulous concoctions.
Little Prince Decoration
Little Prince
He's always one Royal Rescrue away from getting clipped round the ear.
Arm Wrestling Decoration
Arm Wrestling
Goblin Brawler never stood a chance. He should have stayed in his cage!
Royal Mischief Decoration
Royal Mischief
He's a Little Prince, but he's big on naughty.
Royal Rescue Decoration
Royal Rescue
The ultimate Champion combo!
Musket Shot Let freedom ring with a musket blast!
Archer's Love Decoration
Archer's Love
Even though it's made with love, that arrow still hurts!
Sassy Selfie Decoration
Sassy Selfie
What shampoo do they use!?
Flower Breakers Decoration
Flower Breakers
This time they're delivering flowers, not explosives. They may be explosive flowers though. Who knows!
Heartshoot Decoration
This looks like it gives love a bad name.
Shootin' Sparky Decoration
Shootin' Sparky
Who let the Goblins near Sparky? They're a bad influence.
Miner Mishap Decoration
Miner Mishap
Not what you usually get popping out of a cake, but he will have to make do.
Electro DJ Decoration
Electro DJ
Everybody get your finger guns in the air tonight!
Tummy Ache Decoration
Tummy Ache
Who's been feeding Zap spells to Elixir Golem? Not cool.
Stylish Dagger Decoration
Stylish Dagger
The art of dagger juggling.
Double Sided Decoration
Double-edged personality.
Dagger Throw Decoration
Dagger Throw
Tossed with flair, the dagger sliced the air.
Dagger Dreaming Decoration
Dagger Dreaming
Daydreaming of dancing daggers.
Rocker Hairdo Decoration
Rocker Haido
It's not a phase, Mom!
New Friend Decoration
New Friend?!
Then why friend shaped?!
FleeingTheScene Decoration
Fleeing the Scene
They went that way officer!
Devious Prospector Decoration
Devious Prospector
It's like finding a needle in a haystack... a gold needle in a gold haystack!
FriendsForLife Decoration
Friends For Life
They'll remember these days for the rest of their lives.
BewareTheBush Decoration
Beware The Bush
You never know what's hiding in there. and whether it's got a blowgun.



  • Battle Banner were added to the game on 27/6/2022, in the Summer 2022 Update.
  • On 30/6/2022, an Optional Update, fixed a crash some users experienced when attempting to edit the badges on their Battle Banner.
  • Starting from 5/9/2022 with the September 2022 Update, certain Battle Banner items would now appear in the Shop.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, fixed an issue where the Banner Token ‘Collect’ button incorrectly directed players to the Shop when their Banner Token inventory was full, and fixed a crash that could occur on the Battle Banner edit screen.



  • Some of the Decorations and Frames contain references to pop culture media:
    • Cold Corckscrew's description and design are a reference to Iceman, a character from Marvel's X-Men.
    • Elixir Golem's description is a reference to Hulk's catchphrase from Marvel.
    • Dragon Trio's description is a reference to Daenerys Targaryen, a queen from Game of Thrones who owns three dragons.
    • Musketeer's description is a reference to a quote from Army of Darkness.
    • Picturesque Pixels and Pixel Barbarian's descriptions are a reference to the Mario franchise by Nintendo.
    • Amazing Aurora's description is a reference to the episode titled "Short Films about Springfield" from The Simpsons.
    • Arrow Pattern's description is likely a reference to the "Average Enjoyer" meme.
    • Lava Land's description is a reference to the children's game "The Floor is Lava".
    • Gems Galore's description is a reference to Scrooge McDuck, a character from Ducktales who enjoys swimming in piles of money.
    • Knight's description is a reference to a joke which has been circulating in the Clash Royale community.
    • Mining's description is a reference to a salute from Deep Rock Galactic.
    • Night Witch's description is a quote from Batman Begins.
    • Pixel Power Up's description is a reference to a quote from He-Man.
    • Pumpkin Barrage's description and design are a reference to Green Goblin, a villain from Marvel who attacks with explosive pumpkins.
    • Headless Ponyman's design is a reference to the Headless Horseman, a character from folklore.
    • Michaelhamgelo's name is a reference to Michelangelo, an Italian sculptor and painter.
    • Blossom Bath's description is a reference to the philosophical thought "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?".
    • Monktal Combat's name is a reference to Mortal Kombat.
    • Hog Life's name is a reference to the "Thug Life" meme.
    • Hog Life's description is a quote from Star Wars - The Phantom Menace.
    • Mirror Image's description is a reference to a quote from Snow White.
    • This is Clash-O-Ween's name is a reference to the song titled "This is Halloween".
    • Starry, Starry Night's name is a reference to the painting "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh.
    • Candy Cyclone's description is a reference to lyrics from the song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town".
    • Kissable Faces' design, description and name are a reference to the rock band "Kiss".
    • Trick or Treat!'s description is a reference to the beverage "Pumpkin Spice Latte".
    • Surprise!'s description is a reference to a quote from Jurassic Park.
    • Special Delivery's description is a reference to the Ride the HogCycle deck.
    • Night of the Living P.E.K.K.A's name is a reference to the movie titled Night of the Living Dead.
    • Night of the Living P.E.K.K.A's description is a reference to a quote from the movie Night of the Living Dead.
    • Goblin Dance Music's description is a reference to Marty McFly's response to the crowd's reaction to him playing the song "Johnny B. Goode" in Back to the Future.
  • In the Raise your Battle Banners trailer, there was a few Battle Banner decorations, one of them showed a Barbarian touching a sandy surface, another one showed a Skeleton riding a tusk like a snowboard, another one showed the Hog Rider charging, and another one being the Giant Skeleton's card render. However, these Battle Banner decorations never made it to the game.
    • Similarly, in the Summer Update trailer, there was a Battle Banner frame with teal clouds. However, these Battle Banner frame never made it to the game.