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“What's cooler than Bats? VAMPIRE BATS. These creatures of the night heal with each attack and can increase their Hitpoints past their maximum!”

The Bats' Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns 5 Bats with hitpoints 50% higher than the original. Every time they attack, they heal themselves, having two healing pulses with a 0.5 second interval. The healing can overheal them, allowing their hitpoints to reach up to double of their initial ones. The Bats' Evolution costs 2 Elixir and requires 2 cycles to deploy.


  • The Evolved Bats used alone should not be ignored when the Tower Princess is used as they will take 2 hits to take out by the Crown Tower, causing a few Bats to hit the Crown Tower and overheal, eventually dealing over half of the Crown Tower's health for 2 Elixir. A similar situation happens with the Cannoneer.
    • If the Dagger Duchess is in use, she will be able to take out all the Bats with just 5 daggers. Allowing the user to freely ignore them.
  • Despite their notably higher hitpoints than the regular Bats, they can still be countered with weak spells such as Zap or Giant Snowball. However, these spells do not work if the Evolved Bats have already healed themselves to full; in this case, Arrows would be necessary.
  • Their initial hitpoints are enough for them to survive one attack from anything as strong as Minions. Because of this, they can be safely placed on top of these troops without them being killed before they get the chance to attack. Against anything stronger than that, it is recommended to distract the troops with something else before deploying the Evolved Bats.
    • A good way to mitigate this is to deploy them against lone troops that cannot target air troops, like the Knight. This will give them enough time to heal themselves to full, preparing the player for a more effective follow-up defense or for a counterattack.
  • The Evolved Bats have great synergy with large tanks, like the Giant Skeleton and Mega Knight. The tank takes hits as the Evolved Bats help take out opposing defensive units. This will allow the tank to connect to the Crown Tower more easily. Tanks that only attack buildings also benefit from the Bats, as their assistance will help them survive longer and thus deal more damage to the Crown Tower.
  • Similarly, the Evolved Bats has great synergy with the Miner. The Miner distracts the opposing Crown Tower while the Evolved Bats does the majority of the damage. This also activates their overheal.
  • Air-targeting ranged units that attack fast or have area damage, such as the Firecracker and Dart Goblin, are very good counters to the Evolved Bats as these troops can prevent them from activating their overheal due to their high range.
  • Similarly, units with spawn damage that can hit air targets such as the Electro Wizard can be very good at stopping the Evolved Bats as it deals enough damage to instantly wipe them out without their overheal. Spawn damage that doesn't do enough damage or only hits ground targets such as the Mega Knight's and Ice Wizard's spawn damage cannot mimic this result.
  • The Evolved Bats can make a great distraction for an Inferno Tower during a push with a Giant or Golem. Their increased health makes the Inferno Tower take slightly longer to take out each Bat than the regular Bats.
  • The Evolved Bats is a much better counter to Skeleton Barrel than the regular Bats due to their ability to take the Skeleton Barrel's death damage while still being able to take out the Skeletons that come out of it.
  • The Balloon's death damage can not take out the Evolved Bats if they're at their maximum hitpoints.
  • The Evolved Bats can be used to greatly assist the user at taking out large tanks, such as P.E.K.K.A and Elixir Golem, due to their high DPS. In addition to their high DPS, they can stay alive whilst doing so due to their ability to potentially survive small spells most commonly paired with these tanks.
  • Rage synergizes quite well with the Evolved Bats as the Rage will cause them to activate and maintain their overheal in a much shorter time. This combination will take out the Crown Tower if not addressed.
  • If used in combination with an Ice Spirit or Evolved Ice Spirit, the Evolved Bats can mostly/fully counter a Goblin Giant depending on how early the user places both cards. The Ice Spirit should be played first to tank for the Spear Goblins as not doing so will result in 1 Evolved Bat dying during its 1-second deploy time. Reducing the DPS and counter push potential.


Evolved Bat Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Troop Count
2 1.3 sec Very Fast (120) 1 sec Melee: Medium (1.2) Air & Ground x5 Air Troop Common

Evolution Attributes

Heal Speed
Time Between Pulses
2 2 pulses every 1 sec 0.5 sec

Card Statistics

Max Hitpoints
Damage per second
Healing per pulse
Healing per second
1 48 96 32 24 15 30
2 52 104 35 26 16.5 33
3 58 116 38 29 18 36
4 63 126 42 32 19.5 39
5 70 140 46 35 21.5 43
6 76 152 51 39 24 48
7 84 168 56 43 26 52
8 92 184 61 46 28.5 57
9 101 202 67 51 31.5 63
10 111 222 74 56 34.5 69
11 122 244 81 62 38 76
12 134 268 89 68 42 84
13 148 296 98 75 46 92
14 162 324 108 83 50.5 101
15 178 356 119 91 55.5 111



  • The Bats' Evolution card was added to the game on 2/10/2023, in the October 2023 Update.
  • On 13/11/2023, a Minor Update, decreased the Evolved Bats' first attack time interval to 0.3 seconds (from 0.6 seconds).


  • On 14/5/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Evolved Bats' first attack time interval to 0.6 seconds (from 0.3 seconds).



  • The Bats resemble the in-life bat species called "Desmodus rotundus" (common vampire bat). The common vampire bat is a hematophagous bat species that primarily feeds on the blood of livestock, which is done by biting their prey while they are sleeping. In Clash Royale, Bats attack in a similar way by biting their enemies.
    • In the Japanese language settings of the game, the Bats' name translates to "Swarm of Bats"
  • Even though the card spawns 5 Bats, the card render displays only 3 Bats.
  • The Bats' Evolution is 1 of 2 evolved cards without the diamond evolution symbol anywhere on their card render, the other being Ice Spirit.
  • The Bats' Evolution is the subject of certain cosmetics in the game. More specifically:
    • The Bats' Evolution is the subject of an Emote.
    • The Bats' Evolution is the subject of a Tower Skin.
      • It is the only evolved card to be the subject of a Tower Skin.