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“The gold standard of masks. These Baby Goblins can defend against anything, one dart at a time.”

The Baby Goblins are a Common card that is unlocked from Goblin Mines (Goblins 1). It is a single-target, air-targeting, long-ranged tower troop with high hitpoints and low damage. Additionally, it will give an ability to the Goblin Queen Tower.


  • The Baby Goblins are a well-rounded tower troop as it can handle both many swarms and tanks decently well.
  • The Baby Goblins are the tower troop tied with the Tower Princess for the most health. This will make it better against siege decks or spell cycle, since it can tank more hits.
  • After a Crown Tower has already been destroyed, if a melee troop, such as Knight or Giant, is attacking your Goblin Queen on the opposite side of your other Baby Goblin, your Baby Goblin will aid the Goblin Queen in taking out the threat.
    • However, if the melee troop has a Long melee range (1.6 tiles) and is attacking the Goblin Queen from low on the opposite side, the remaining Baby Goblin will not help the Goblin Queen as the troop would be just out of range. This is important to keep in mind for high DPS units that could threaten your Goblin Queen, such as P.E.K.K.A and Evolved Royal Recruits.
  • The Baby Goblins have an attack range that is 0.5 tiles longer and a hit speed that is 0.2 seconds faster than the Goblin Queen, however, their projectiles are slightly slower.
  • Against heavy tanks, such as Golem, defensive buildings that have a 3x3 deploy area should be placed in the 3-4 position. This will lure the Golem to the building instead of the Crown Towers while allowing for both of the Baby Goblins to target the Golem, destroying it much faster.
    • Buildings that have a 2x2 deploy area, like Tesla, should be placed in the 3-3 position as 3-4 will usually not pull them to the building.


Baby Goblin Tower attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
0.8 sec 7.5 Air & Ground Tower Troop Common
Baby Goblin Tower Hitpoints
Baby Goblin Tower Damage
Baby Goblin Tower Damage per second
1 1,400 50 62
2 1,512 54 67
3 1,624 58 72
4 1,750 62 77
5 1,890 67 83
6 2,030 72 90
7 2,184 78 97
8 2,352 84 105
9 2,534 90 112
10 2,786 99 123
11 3,052 109 136
12 3,346 119 148
13 3,668 131 163
14 4,032 144 180
15 4,424 158 197




  • Goblins are small, grotesque, monstrous creatures that appear in the folklore of multiple European cultures. First attested in stories from the Middle Ages, they are ascribed conflicting abilities, temperaments, and appearances depending on the story and country of origin, ranging from mischievous household spirits to malicious, bestial thieves. They often have magical abilities similar to a fairy or demon, such as the ability to shapeshift. Similar creatures include duendes, kobolds, leprechauns, and ghouls.
  • The Baby Goblin’s description is a modified version of the Tower Princess’s description, replacing “Tower Troops” with “masks” and “arrow” for “dart.”
  • The Baby Goblins have the exact same stats as the Tower Princess. However, the Baby Goblins can only be used in the Goblin Queen’s Journey while the Tower Princess can be used anywhere else.
  • The Baby Goblins is the first and currently only tower troop to buff the other Crown Towers, in this case giving an ability to the Goblin Queen Tower.