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“Arrows pepper a large area, damaging all enemies hit. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”

The Arrows is a Common card that is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). It is an area-damage, air-targeting spell with a large radius and low damage that launches three volleys in a row. An Arrows card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.


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  • Arrows are extremely effective against large swarms of low health troops such as the Minion Horde or Goblin Gang. They cost 1 more Elixir than Zap, but they have a larger area of effect and also deal more damage, being able to fully defeat Minions up to 5 Levels higher than themselves.
  • The spell can be used to finish off buildings that are extremely low on hitpoints. However, this is generally discouraged unless another vulnerable unit is played in the area so that it isn't a negative Elixir and value trade.
  • Even though Arrows has a short but noticeable travel time, its large area of effect means it is unlikely to completely miss any target. The separate volleys give the spell a slight area denial effect and allow the spell to be played preemptively to instantly destroy any swarms played, making it useful in supporting single-targeting units like the Prince or the Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Arrows synergize well with Graveyard on offense. The damage of all three waves is able to defeat Archers or Minions by itself for 1 less Elixir than a Poison, which gives the player more Elixir to spare while allowing more Skeletons to stay alive and deal damage to the Crown Tower. Generally, the player should deploy Arrows reactively to these units, as the opponent might take note of this and deploy their troops right after the three Arrow waves.
  • Arrows are a neutral but very reliable counter to a Goblin Barrel. When the opponent throws the Goblin Barrel, the player should fire their Arrows right when or slightly before the Goblins spawn, and they will be instantly destroyed. Arrows are particularly useful versus opponents who like to mix up their Goblin Barrel placements in an attempt to make the defender miss with their spell; the Arrows' radius denies all realistic fake-out attempts.
  • An effective tactic is to deploy less valuable swarm cards to bait an opponent into using their Arrows on them, and then deploying more threatening swarm cards like the Goblin Barrel or Minion Horde when the spell is out of their hand. However, if the opponent has other area damage spells or troops, such as the Zap, Fireball, or Wizard, this may simply end up feeding them several positive Elixir trades, so these counters should also be baited out or the player should only deploy their more threatening swarms when the opponent does not have enough Elixir to deploy a counter.
  • A full burst of Arrows eliminates a Princess or Dart Goblin up 2 Levels higher and a Bomber, a Firecracker, Archers, and Wall Breakers up to 1 Level higher. Two volleys eliminate Minions, Spear Goblins, Goblins, and all the Spirit cards, while a single volley is enough to take out Skeletons and Bats.
  • Arrows is a hard counter against Clone. Its multiple attacking waves will wipe out the cloned units as well as any possible death spawns from them, though certain Cloned Troops will avoid being defeated, such as the Skeleton Barrel, which has a spawn delay after it is defeated, so the Skeletons still need to be addressed.
  • Arrows can be used to defeat the Lava Pups spawned from a Lava Hound, the Elixir Blobs spawned from an Elixir Golem, or the Phoenix's Egg. For the Elixir Golem, it will allow the user to immediately claim the Elixir be defeating all of the Elixir Blobs at once, for the Lava Hound, it will make addressing a tanking unit much easier without the Lava Pups being tanked for, and for the Phoenix, it will prevent it from respawning. In the case of the Lava Pups and the Phoenix Egg, the first wave can be used on a low health Lava Hound or Phoenix, because the Lava Pups and Phoenix Egg can be defeated in 2 of the 3 waves.
  • Depending on what the player needs in their deck, they may substitute the Arrows with other similar cards.
    • This card is very similar to The Log in function with certain differences. While the Arrows card is more expensive, it has the ability to damage air troops and hits a larger area, dealing more damage if all three waves hit the targets. However, Arrows doesn't have the knockback or the unique rectangular radius that The Log does.
    • For the same Elixir cost, the Royal Delivery can be used in placed of the Arrows for defense against swarms. It has slightly higher damage, and also comes with a Royal Recruit to assist with further defense against bulkier troops. However, unlike the Royal Delivery, Arrows can also be used for offensive purposes and they have a larger radius.
    • Another alternative is the Giant Snowball. Like Arrows, it can be used offensively and defensively against swarms and knock back and slow down bulkier units for 1 less Elixir. However, much like the other spells, it has a smaller radius, deals less damage, and also travels slower to its target.
    • If the player is more interested in spells that do not deal their damage immediately, they may want to use Earthquake or Poison in the place of Arrows. The former has the same Elixir cost and has the added benefit of increased damage to buildings, while the latter has much higher damage for only 1 more Elixir.
  • Arrows may cripple some other fragile units like Skeleton Dragons, Zappies, Mother Witch, and the Magic Archer. While the spell will not defeat them alone, it will bring them low enough so that using other spells like Zap will finish them off. However, this results in a negative Elixir trade, so make sure that you hit additional units with them with either spell.
  • While Arrows are unable to destroy a Tombstone and its spawned Skeletons, if its hitpoints are low enough, Arrows will be able to defeat its spawned Skeletons. Use this in case you want to allow a building targeting troop to continue proceeding towards the Crown Towers without having to worry about the Skeletons.
  • Although a Monk can reflect Arrows, he will not fully reflect the spell unless he is in or within 2 tiles of the exact center of the casting area for the spell; if this isn't the case, some arrows may still kill some of the troops he is nearby.


3 4 Air & Ground Spell Common
Area Damage
Area Damage
Crown Tower Damage
Tower Damage
1 48 x3 (144) 15 x3 (45)
2 52 x3 (156) 16 x3 (48)
3 58 x3 (174) 18 x3 (54)
4 63 x3 (189) 19 x3 (57)
5 70 x3 (210) 21 x3 (63)
6 76 x3 (228) 23 x3 (69)
7 84 x3 (252) 26 x3 (78)
8 92 x3 (276) 28 x3 (84)
9 101 x3 (303) 31 x3 (93)
10 111 x3 (333) 34 x3 (102)
11 122 x3 (366) 37 x3 (111)
12 134 x3 (402) 41 x3 (123)
13 148 x3 (444) 45 x3 (135)
14 162 x3 (486) 49 x3 (147)
15 178 x3 (534) 54 x3 (162)

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Rewards
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 65,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 200 Arrows cards
25 XP
2 Deal a total of 195,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 2,000 Gold
25 XP
3 Deal a total of 325,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
25 XP
Troop Destroyer
Troop Destroyer
1 Destroy 420 enemy Troops 3,000 Gold
100 XP
2 Destroy 1,200 enemy Troops 200 Common Wild Card
100 XP
3 Destroy 2,100 enemy Troops 5,000 Gold
100 XP
No Escape
No Escape
1 Hit 12 Troops with a single deploy a total of 50 times 100 Banner Token
150 XP
2 Hit 12 Troops with a single deploy a total of 150 times 125 Banner Token
150 XP
3 Hit 12 Troops with a single deploy a total of 300 times 150 Banner Token
150 XP




  • On 13/3/2017, the March 2017 Update, increased the Arrows' projectile speed to 800 (from 600).
  • On 12/12/2017, the Electrifying Update, decreased the Arrows’ Crown Tower damage to 35% of the full damage (from 40%).



  • On 3/6/2019, a Balance Update, increased the Arrows' projectile speed to 1100 (from 800).
  • On 26/11/2019, the End of November 2019 Update, decreased the Arrows' damage by 58%, but made them shoot three volleys of arrows instead of one, with the total damage being overall increased. It also added a card render to the Arrows' card info screen.


  • On 4/8/2020, a Balance Update, decreased the Arrows' Crown Tower damage to 30% of the full damage (from 35%).


  • On 27/10/2021, the Champions Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 14 (from 13).


  • On 27/6/2022, the Summer 2022 Update, added the No Escape Card Mastery task for the Arrows.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, changed the Arrows to deal damage in multiple 1.4-tiles areas, instead of one 4-tiles area. This was done to prevent the Monk from deflecting the entire volley of arrows. Its effective area radius remained unchanged.
  • On 27/10/2022, a maintenance break, readded the missing visual effects for Arrows' Star Levels.




  • In the Japanese and Vietnamese language settings of the game, the Arrows' name translates to "Rain of Arrows".
  • The Arrows are 1 of 7 cards that is already unlocked for the player when they start playing the game, the others being Minions, Archers, Knight, Tower Princess, Giant, and Fireball.
  • The Arrows are one of the first spell cards to receive a card render, alongside the Rocket and Barbarian Barrel.
  • The Arrows' card render is identical to its card image.
  • The Arrows are the subject of an Emote.
  • The Arrows were featured in the winning deck of the Clash Royale Helsinki Tournament, by a player called Jason.
  • Before the Arrows' card release, the Arrows' damage was increased by 9%.