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“She is fast, deadly and hard to catch. Beware of her crossbow bolts and try not to blink - you might miss her!”

The Archer Queen is a Champion card that is unlocked from the Royal Crypt (Arena 17). It spawns a single-target, air-targeting, medium-ranged, ground troop with moderate hitpoints and moderate damage. Being a Champion card, she will stay out of the player's card cycle, and only return once she is defeated. The Archer Queen's ability makes her invisible, like the Royal Ghost and increases her attack speed significantly for a short time. She appears as an Archer except she has a crown, purple hair, a bigger quiver and wields a crossbow while still being barefoot. An Archer Queen card costs 5 Elixir to deploy, and her ability costs an additional 1 Elixir to activate.

Ability: Cloaking Cape[]

“Activates stealth mode and shoots her arrows faster!”
Ability-Archer Queen

The Archer Queen has a special ability, accessible from the rightmost side of the screen just above the player's card slots in battle. After a 1-second delay, the Archer Queen activates her “Cloaking Cape”, becoming invisible (untargetable by enemy troops), having a 80% increase in attack speed, and a massive decrease in movement speed for the entire 3.5-second duration of the ability. The ability goes on a 15-second cooldown after the duration ends. The Cloaking Cape ability costs 1 Elixir to activate.


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  • For the purposes of determining Elixir trades, the Archer Queen and her activated Ability count as 6 Elixir, as the player must play the 5 Elixir Archer Queen and then spend a further 1 on her Ability.
  • The Archer Queen does high damage even without her ability, so a response is always needed to prevent too much damage on your Tower. Due to her high DPS and ranged capabilities, she is a very good response to any single unit.
  • When the Archer Queen is invisible, you can place a mini-tank like a Knight to distract a Crown Tower. This comes in more clutch when the Archer Queen survives with a sliver of health.
    • Even with just a sliver of health, the Archer Queen can be deadly with her ability, so it is recommended to remove her from the Arena with a spell such as Zap.
    • This can backfire against area-damage troops, as she is still vulnerable to area-damage attacks that could hit a troop in front of her.
    • In such situations, it is better not to use the ability, as this is a waste of 1 Elixir.
  • An Archer Queen deals exactly 7 shots for the full duration of her ability, assuming no shots are wasted. This is enough to safely defeat any troop with as much hitpoints as an Elixir Golem or a Sparky while under the ability.
    • When her ability is active, you can use Giant Snowball or The Log to knock her, wasting a few seconds worth of heavy damaging shots. Stun effects like Zap and Freeze also work in a similar way.
    • The shots fired from the Archer Queen during the ability is not enough to destroy an entire Skeleton Army, leaving some Skeletons still alive, sufficient to counter the Archer Queen. Consider using a spell to clear away swarms like the Skeleton Army.
    • Similarly, even though she can 3HKO each Barbarian, she cannot handle 5 of them together, making Barbarians a great counter against her.
  • Defensively, the Archer Queen can wreck small to medium size pushes, and with a building such as Tesla, she can even defend a large Golem or Lava Hound push.
    • Thanks to her range, she can be a decent choice against dual lane pushes like those with Royal Hogs. She deals high enough damage to defeat them quickly and counterattack afterwards with her ability available to be used again.
  • If you do not have enough Elixir to put down another unit and help the Archer Queen defend, consider using her ability instead. The extra damage per second and compensate for the lack of another unit, and as it is rechargeable, it can be used on a counterpush.
  • In certain situation, the ability can be used to divert troops towards the other lane. For example; against a Giant-Lumberjack dual lane push, the player can use a P.E.K.K.A to counter the Giant, and place the Archer Queen at the center of the Arena to pull the Lumberjack, then activate the ability so that the Lumberjack is lured towards the P.E.K.K.A. This allows the P.E.K.K.A to stop both troops and leaves a full health Archer Queen for a counterpush.
  • With her ability, the Archer Queen can completely bypass the Tesla and go straight to the Tower if she is alone, as the Tesla will not reveal itself against invisible targets.
  • The Archer Queen will be OHKOed by a Lightning of equal Level. Although it is a slight negative Elixir trade alone, the player can hit up to 2 other units or buildings to make up for the cost. Additionally, since it is a spell, the player can reliably hit the Archer Queen even while her ability is active. Furthermore, compared to other units that can be defeated by Lightning, she has higher hitpoints, meaning that the spell is less likely to be blocked.
    • A Rocket can also defeat the Archer Queen, but much like Lightning, it is a negative Elixir. Wait for another target to appear with the Archer Queen, or wait for the Archer Queen to use her ability first, to neutralise the exchange.
    • She can be fully counter by a Poison and The Log for a slight negative Elixir trade and an equal Elixir trade if the ability is activated. However, she will survive any combination of Poison with other 2-Elixir spells.
    • A Fireball along with any 2-Elixir spell is not enough to defeat an Archer Queen. In this situation, Arrows or Royal Delivery will have to be paired with the Fireball to defeat the Archer Queen.
    • If the Archer Queen does not have her ability available, a Barbarian Barrel can stop the Archer Queen for a +4 Elixir trade. Place it so that the Barbarian Barrel hits the Archer Queen and the Barbarian pops out behind her and distracts her. The Barbarian and the Crown Tower combined will be able to defeat the Archer Queen. A lone Royal Delivery can work in a similar way. However, these spells should only be used after the Archer Queen has used her ability, otherwise she will easily defeat the Barbarian and Royal Recruit spawned by the spell.
    • Note that the opponent may take advantage of the lack of spells due to being used on the Archer Queen, and place another card that would thrive due to their absense, such as an Electro Dragon.
  • The Archer Queen, combined with her ability, is excellent at stopping almost any single unit when placed 5 tiles from the defending Crown Tower and 3 from the river. The ability should be used when the unit is roughly 1 second from hitting the Archer Queen.
    • In order not to waste any shots from before she activates her ability, it is best to time the ability activation a bit after she starts attacking. This will allow her to deal more damage to the enemy than if she activated her ability immediately.
    • Using the ability on an Archer Queen 3.5-5 tiles away from your Tower is not a good a idea for defending a Mega Knight. The Mega Knight will immediately initiate the jump and jump on to something else other than the Archer Queen, which can be your Tower. The same can be applied to the Bandit and her dash.
      • If additional distraction is needed, or if the ability seems unnecessary, it may be worth using an additional cheap unit such as Skeletons or an Ice Golem.
    • This is not recommended against the Giant Skeleton due to the high risk of his bomb exploding next to the Crown Tower.
    • Do not use her ability when combating an X-Bow or a Mortar which is targeting her, unless you have a distraction or if it is a very desperate case. It will target the next closest thing, which can be your Tower.
  • An Archer Queen can use her ability to hit the Goblins from a Goblin Barrel while she is invisible. Her boosted attack speed and range will defeat the Goblins quickly enough for no damage.
  • Once a Tower has been taken, an Archer Queen in the center of the enemy's territory combined with an immediate Cloaking Cape is capable of dishing out massive damage on the remaining Crown Tower. This can be easily countered with high-damage units such as Mini P.E.K.K.A or Lumberjack, negating a large amount of damage, as the ability takes a fair amount of time to activate.
  • Archer Queen can destroy Goblins and Spear Goblins when they are equally levelled. It is advised to use Guards or Skeleton Army instead of Goblin Gang if you want to counter her. However, weaker swarms like Skeletons and Bats still work if assisted with the Tower.
  • Beware of using the Archer Queen's ability when alongside other troops. It can potentially waste some of her shots while your supporting troops kill any enemies, and she will also be slown down afterwards, effectively making the ability a waste of 1 Elixir.
  • Stunning troops like the Electro Wizard are good counters to the Archer Queen, as they will prevent her from using her ability.
  • You can also use her ability to her disadvantage by placing a reactive Electro Giant near her, as she will take major damage.
    • A Monk with the Pensive Protection ability active works in a similar way, causing the Archer Queen to use her ability to her disadvantage, as the shots will be reflected back to her and heavily damage, if not defeat her completely. However, an Archer Queen can still counter a Monk if she activates her ability after the Monk's finishes.
  • The Prince and Dark Prince can counter a lone proactive Archer Queen, assuming that their charge effects hits her.
    • It is a situational idea to use Zap or The Log on the Prince or Dark Prince so his charge is reset, defeating them, albeit leaving you at a great Elixir deficit.
  • The Furnace can counter an Archer Queen for a +1 Elixir trade. The Archer Queen does not deal enough damage to OHKO the spawned Fire Spirits, and this will allow them to accumulate damage on her.
  • For a positive Elixir trade, the Mighty Miner can fully counter an offensive Archer Queen due to his high health and damage, even if the ability is activated.
  • The Archer Queen pairs well with the Battle Healer. The Battle Healer will keep her alive for longer with her healing, while the Archer Queen attacks air troops that can threaten the Battle Healer. However, this can still be defeated by a large tank like the P.E.K.K.A.
  • She can be quite effective at supporting a Lava Hound. Most of the Lava Hound's weaknesses are air troops which the Archer Queen can handle them easily thanks to her high damage and range. Despite this, she can easily be distracted with a ground troop that will ignore the Lava Hound, unless she uses her ability.
  • In Archer Queen versus Archer Queen duels, it is most recommended to activate the ability after the opposing Archer Queen uses it first. This will allow yours to survive the fight while defeating the opposing one in the process.
  • Depending on what the player wants in their deck, they can substitute the Archer Queen with other similar cards.
    • A direct comparison to the Archer Queen is the Little Prince. He costs 2 less Elixir than the Archer Queen, has higher range, and his ability will spawn the Guardienne, a mini tank that could help with additional defense. However, the Archer Queen has higher damage and hitpoints, and her ability is cheaper.
    • In decks where different Champion cards are being used, the Musketeer and Electro Wizard can be used in place of the Archer Queen. Both of them cost 1 less Elixir, and deal similar damage to the Archer Queen, with the former having a higher range, while the latter can stun enemies. However, both have less hitpoints than the Archer Queen, leaving them weak to spells like Poison.
    • For other ranged troops that have the same Elixir cost, the Wizard, Witch, and Executioner can substitute the Archer Queen if their deck is weak to swarms. However, they are less effective against singular troops, and the former two are also weak to spells.


Archer Queen Attributes

Hit Speed
Damage Speed
Deploy Time
Deploy Time
Projectile Speed
Troop Count
5 1.2 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 5 800 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Champion

Cloaking Cape Attributes

Ability Cooldown
1 Slow (45) 3.5 sec +180% 15 sec

Card Attributes

Damage per second
Damage per second (with Cloaking Cape)
11 1,000 225 187 525
12 1,098 247 205 576
13 1,208 271 225 634
14 1,325 298 248 697
15 1,454 327 272 765

Card Mastery

Type Level/Tier Objective Reward
Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer
1 Deal a total of 300,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 1 Archer Queen card
150 XP
2 Deal a total of 900,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 10,000 Gold
150 XP
3 Deal a total of 1,500,000 Damage to enemy Troops or buildings 150 Gem
150 XP
Arena Destroyer
Arena Destroyer
1 Destroy 560 enemy Troops or buildings 15,000 Gold
175 XP
2 Destroy 1,600 enemy Troops or buildings 300 Gem
175 XP
3 Destroy 2,800 enemy Troops or buildings 25,000 Gold
175 XP



  • The Archer Queen card was released on 27/10/2021, in the Champions Update.
  • On 1/11/2021, an Optional Update, fixed some Archer Queen invisibility issues.
  • On 4/11/2021, a maintenance break, increased the Cloaking Cape's cooldown time to 15 seconds (from 11 seconds) and decreased its duration to 3 seconds (from 3.5 seconds).
  • On 15/11/2021, a Minor Update, allowed the Mega Knight to deal damage to an Archer Queen if she begins cloaking during his jump.


  • On 3/2/2022, a Balance Update, made it so that Cloaking Cape would decrease her speed to 45 (now classified as Slow) when active.
  • On 4/4/2022, the April 2022 Update, decreased the Cloaking Cape's attack speed buff to 180% (from 200%).
  • On 8/4/2022, a maintenance break, fixed an issue where an invisible Archer Queen was not receiving splash damage.
  • On 26/10/2022, the 2022 Quarter 3 Update, moved the Arena to unlock the Archer Queen from Training Camp to Royal Crypt. This also made it so that players at any King Level could unlock the Archer Queen, as opposed to only Level 14.


  • On 7/2/2023, a Balance Update, increased the Archer Queen's first attack time interval to 0.3 seconds (from 0.1 seconds).
  • On 19/6/2023, the Card Evolution Update, increased the Level cap of all cards to 15 (from 14).


  • On 3/1/2024, a Balance Update, increased the Cloaking Cape's duration to 3.5 seconds (from 3 seconds)



  • The word "Archer" comes from the Latin "arcus", meaning bow. The practice of archery was first developed in Africa by the later Middle Stone Age (approx. 70,000 years ago). It is documented as part of warfare and hunting from the classical period until the late medieval period when it was made obsolete by the increased use of firearms.
    • According to Clash of Clans, the bow that the Archer Queen use in battle is a modified X-Bow.
  • The Archer Queen is 1 of 19 troops which first existed in Clash of Clans, the others being Minions, Archers, Goblins, Skeletons, Barbarians, Giant, Valkyrie, Wizard, Hog Rider, Witch, P.E.K.K.A., Balloon, Golem, Wall Breakers, Bowler, Cannon Cart, Phoenix, and Lava Hound.
    • It is the only troop that is available as a hero in Clash of Clans.
    • The Archer Queen's Royal Cloak ability in Clash of Clans functions similarly to the Cloaking Cape in Clash Royale. In addition to Cloaking Cape's effects, it partially heals the Archer Queen and summons Archers when used in Clash of Clans.
  • The Archer Queen is the Champion card that appears in most Clash games. In this case, it's Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Clash Mini.
  • The Archer Queen is one of the first Champion cards to be added to the game, alongside the Golden Knight and the Skeleton King.
  • The Archer Queen, along with the Monk, are the most expensive Champion cards, costing 5 Elixir.
    • Along with the Golden Knight, Mighty Miner, Monk, and the Terry, she also has the cheapest ability, costing 1 Elixir.
    • Also along with the Skeleton King, Little Prince, and the Monk, she also has the most expensive combination of Champion and ability, costing 6 Elixir.
  • The Archer Queen is 1 of 2 troops that can turn invisible and not distract other enemies, the other being Royal Ghost.
  • Occasionally upon death, she may say "But I'm the Queen!", and upon activating Cloaking Cape, she may say "Sneaky!".
  • The Archer Queen is 1 of 3 troops that has been featured in the Capture the Troop sub-mode of the Treasure Hunt game mode, the others being Sparky and Fisherman.
    • In the Capture the Troop mode, it is possible for a player to have two Champion cards on the field at a time. Activating the ability will activate it for both the Archer Queen and the other Champion card.
  • The Archer Queen is unavailable in multiple special game modes. More specifically:
  • The Archer Queen is featured in non-Clash games. More specifically:
    • The Archer Queen, along with the Goblins, Barbarians, Giant, Valkyrie, Hog Rider, Wizard, Witch, and P.E.K.K.A, were featured as a non-playable opponent in Chess. Also along with the Goblins and Golem, she was also featured as a character skin for the Queen in Chess.
    • The Archer Queen, along with the Goblins, Barbarians, Wizard, Hog Rider, Battle Healer, and Witch, are featured as a character in Squad Busters.
  • On 28 April 2022, according to a tweet by the Clash Royale official Twitter, the number of Archer Queen's ability activation was 177,904,462.
  • The Archer Queen is the subject of certain cosmetics in the game. More specifically:
    • The Archer Queen is the subject of 3 Emotes.
    • The Archer Queen is the subject of a Tower Skin.
  • By using Mirror on a Clone and using it on an Archer Queen, it is actually possible to get a Level 16 Archer Queen.
    • A cloned Archer Queen does not fall from the sky when deployed.